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NCEA webinars cover trending and need-to-know topics relevant to your career in Catholic education.  All participants will receive the recorded webinar and presentation files for reference and inclusion among other professional learning resources.   For inquiries regarding webinars, contact Andrea Kopp, Assistant Director of Professional Development at

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Strong Catholic Families: New Paradigms in Play

October 17, 2017

Sacramental ministry calls for faith leaders to be committed to a formation and transformation that leads to living out the sacraments within the family and the faith community. This session will reveal successes and new methods and possibilities for embracing the fullness of sacramental living through vibrant sacramental ministry.

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Register - 2 PM EDT

What STEM is and What it Isn’t

October 18, 2017

STEM provides a wonderful opportunity to organize and integrate a significant part of the curriculum. The multi-year and cross-disciplinary nature of STEM makes it ideal for spiraling the curriculum from grade to grade, increasing depth and understanding along the way. A primarily hands-on STEM initiative develops both somatic and cognitive skills.

On the other hand, without thoroughly understanding what STEM is, there is a significant danger of “softening” the science and math component of the curriculum and producing a hodgepodge of experiences lacking clear intellectual grounding and cognitive direction. 

What STEM Is: We will discuss the advantages of approaching STEM education in a systematic, school-wide, spiraling whole-curriculum manner. 

What STEM Isn’t: You will be prepared to recognize the pitfalls of failed STEM strategies. 

Presented by: Dr. Keith Verner

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Soul of Youth Sports: The Coachable Athlete

October 19, 2017

A coach is often one of the most influential figures in the life of a young person. Life lessons taught through the lens of sports are those that form young people and stick with them forever.  It is a great blessing and responsibility to work with coachable athletes; those who may not step onto the field or court with all the natural ability, but will work to improve as a whole person – spiritually, physically and mentally.  This session will give coaches, athletic directors or club leaders, tangible strategies to form faithful young men and women to be leaders on and off the playing field.

Presented by: Christopher Cosentino

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Inclusion in the Music Classroom

October 24, 2017

Learn innovative ways to engage all learners in your music program. The presenters will share strategies for teaching and engaging young singers with a variety of learning needs.

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Register - 4 PM EDT

Catholic Identity in the 21st Century Classroom

October 26, 2017

How do you effectively integrate Catholic Identity within a 21st century classroom? This session will showcase how to integrate Catholic Identity, or other faith based values, through the lens of the SAMR model. Participants will walk away with ideas not only how to modify or redefine experiences, but ensure that Catholic Identity is interwoven through the content areas. Suitable for the K-12 educator, see effective and engaging student work samples that clearly demonstrate strong pedagogy, technology and content.

Presented by: Erin Giblin

Register - 7 PM EDT

Dia de los Muertos: Infusing Catholic and Cultural Traditions Into Your Classroom

October 30, 2017

The Day of the Dead is an opportunity to bring Latin American cultural traditions into your classroom in relation to All Soul's Day and All Saint's Day. This Halloween, take the focus off of candy and costumes and use this teachable moment as way to engage students in the rich faith traditions and practices surrounding the Day of the Dead. Activity ideas and applications for all grade levels will be shared as well as an overview of the holiday and how it relates to the liturgical year here and around the world.

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Register - 4 PM EDT

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