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NCEA webinars cover trending and need-to-know topics relevant to your career in Catholic education.  All participants will receive the recorded webinar and presentation files for reference and inclusion among other professional learning resources. For inquiries regarding webinars, contact Andrea Chavez-Kopp, Assistant Director for Educational and Formation Programs at

Upcoming Webinars

Competency-Based Learning: Changing the Pace

Tuesday, April 17, 2018
4:00 PM EDT

Individualized learning is referred to by Culatta (2016) as “learning experiences in which the pace of learning is adjusted to meet the needs of individual students.” It’s one of the major areas of concentration within personalized learning and requires significant changes to school as we know it, moving from a seat-time model to a model focused on true competency.

Sound intimidating? Join us to explore the following questions:

  • Why move to a competency-based model?
  • What are the three major components of individualized learning?
  • How does individualization work within or run counter to current educational policy?
  • How might an implementation of individualization best begin?

You’ll leave with a clearer understanding of the issues involved and a set of principles to get you moving in the right direction.

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Beyond Reading & Math Intervention: How Title I Funding Can Provide STEM and a Wider Range of Supports for Students

Wednesday, April 18, 2018
1:00 PM EDT

For more than fifty years, Title I funding was allocated solely to intervention in reading and math. With the passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) in 2015, schools now have greater flexibility in utilizing their Title I funds. In this webinar, ESSA expert Michelle Doyle will speak to the law itself and explain how ESSA offers greater opportunities to students and teachers in nonpublic schools. Catapult Learning’s Devon Wible will then discuss the expanded services and resources available through ESSA’s new guidelines for Title I funding, including supplemental resources, such as STEM programming, and support services, including counseling and mentoring.

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Classroom Learning Labs: Building Powerful Conversations Around the Craft of Teaching

Thursday, April 19, 2018
4:00 PM EDT

Classroom Learning Labs are supportive and structured discussions around observations of classroom teaching that promote self-reflection and learning among colleagues. Attendees will participate in elements of a CLL to experience the rich dialogue that occurs during guided conversations focused on the craft of strong Catholic school teaching. Teacher leaders will share their experiences with CLLs and how using the expertise among colleagues in a diocese has created immediate impact in instructional practices.

Presented by Jill Annable


Much Better Staff and PD Meetings

Monday, April 24, 2018
4:00pm or 7:00 PM EDT

How do you make student work much more interesting, both for them and for you? We'll look at this in the context of simple video projects, including time to practice with Adobe Spark Video, which is perhaps the most user-friendly of all online video editing tools. If you've wanted your students to take their work to another level and think video might be the right tool to make it happen, then this session is for you! This session is geared toward classroom teachers. Participants will learn how to create simple videos for teaching and for a variety of student projects, as well as learn about opportunities to have students participate in free service and academic video contests.

Presented by Rushton Hurley


Taking it To the Next Level: Achieving Choral Excellence in Parishes and Schools

Monday, April 23, 2018
4:00 PM EDT

Scott and Suzanne Atwood discuss strategies for success in the areas of choral recruitment, repertoire, and rehearsal techniques.  The webinar will look at proven practices for attracting and retaining young singers, building a quality library, liturgical programming, team-building, choral best practices, and working with changing voices.

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The Problem is Real: Facilities Matter

Tuesday, April 24, 2018
1:00 PM EDT

Are your school building and grounds concerns overlooked due to more pressing needs?

  • Has your school introduced new teaching and learning initiatives without adapting space?
  • Are you dealing with declining enrollment compounded by budget shortfalls?
  • Is your school safe and secure?

In order to be effective, the educational programs and needs of today’s schools require an increased level of specific building attributes and space adaptations. Renovations and upgrades should be planned improvements, not disruptive emergencies. And dollars spent on building improvements should advance the school’s educational goals and vision, and sustain them in the future. Join us to learn how you can use a step-by-step approach to jump-starting your school building improvements while ensuring that the financial support will be available to carry out the desired improvements.

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In the Beginning

Wednesday, April 25, 2018
4:00 PM EDT

In this webinar, we will be exploring how to get started on your Journey in creating your Modern Learning Utopia! Beginning with the end in mind, we will explain how to focus on the “R” in STREAM and how to focus on Religion in modern learning environments and cultures. Participants will leave with ideas and templates for creating a plan for starting a modern learning revolution in their own schools. The Beginning!

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They'll Never Go for It: The Underlying Effects of Mindset in Your School Community

Thursday April 26, 2018
1:00pm or 4:00pm EDT

Growth Mindset has been a trendy term in regard to student outcomes for some time and the benefits are well documented, but what about organizational mindset? Have you ever felt like ingrained attitudes inhibit innovation?  What are the conversations in your faculty lounge and parking lot? How can we better live out our Catholic identity and mission through building a culture of hope and optimism? What effects can this have on school culture, employee satisfaction and even financial viability? Join us for this informational session to examine organizational growth mindset and how it influences every aspect of your school or diocese.

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Triage for the Bullied Child: An Opportunity for Live Q&A with Jodee Blanco

 Tuesday, May 1, 2018
4:00 PM EDT

This session will provide some practical steps in supporting victims of bullying in your school while addressing core issues that can help prevent bullying and care for all concerned. National speaker, author and bullying survivor, Jodee Blanco will take your questions live in this interactive Q&A opportunity.

Presented by Jodee Blanco

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Formative Assessment Firehose

Wednesday, May 2, 2018
7:00 PM EDT

Participants will gain exposure to a wide variety of online Formative Assessment Tools. Short demonstrations will show viewers the teacher-side and student-side of each goal as well as discussing the features and benefits of each in the classroom. Tools to be explored are Google Forms, Kahoot, Quizizz, Plickers, Go Soap Box, Formative and More! Presented by Keven Rinaman, Director of Technolgy at Calvert Catholic Schools in Tiffin, OH.

Presented by Keven Rinaman


STEM Ready Part 1: Branding and Leadership

Thursday, May 3, 2018
4:00 PM EDT

Part 1 of a 2 part series. This course is designed for school teams who are interested in creating and sustaining their school’s STEM identity/brand.

In this course participants will:

  • Identify where you are as a STEM school within the context of the Catholic World View
  • Brand for innovation and STEM identity
  • Recognize the STEM strengths on your campus

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Archived webinars  are available on the NCEA YouTube Channel.