Private School Data


National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP ) Results

Private school results on NAEP and other national assessments, where separate data are available, can be found on by following the links below.

NAEP Technology and Engineering Literacy 2015 NAEP 12th Grade Reading and Mathematics NAEP 2015 Reading and Mathematics Report Card
NAEP 2014 Grade 8 U.S. History, Geography and Civics
NAEP 2013 Reading and Mathematics Report Card
NAEP 2012 Trends in Academic Progress
NAEP 2011 Reading and Mathematics Report Card
NAEP 2010 U.S. History
NAEP 2010 Geography
NAEP 2009 Science Report Card
NAEP 2009 Reading and Mathematics Report Card
NAEP 2008 Long Term Trends in Reading and Mathematics
NAEP 2007 Reading and Mathematics Report Card
2006 NAEP Civics Report Card
2006 NAEP U.S. History Report Card
A Comparison of Public and Private Schools - An NCES Report
2005 NAEP Science Report Card
Student Achievement in Private Schools: NAEP 2000-2005
2005 NAEP Math and Reading Report Card
NAEP 2003 Math and Reading Report Card  
NAEP 2002 Reading Report Card Results (Grades 4, 8 & 12) 
NAEP 2001 U.S. History Report Card 
NAEP 2000 Science Report Card 
NAEP 2000 Mathematics Result 
NAEP 2000 Grade 4 Reading Report Card Results


SAT Results


Private School Studies and Report

Comparing Public and Private Schools (2006 NCES Report)

HighSchool Transcript Study


International Studies

TIMSS-R International Math/Science Study (2007)

TIMSS-R International Math/Science Study (1999)

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