Georgia - Special Needs Scholarships

Enacted in 2007



Scope of the program

Special needs students seeking to transfer from a public school

Number of students

2,068 students used vouchers to attend 169 private schools.

Dollar amount

The voucher may equal the cost of the educational program the student would have received in public school, but may not exceed the school’s tuition and fees.  In 2010, the average voucher was $6,342.

Student eligibility

Any students with a disability whose parents are unhappy with their assigned Georgia public schools are eligible to receive a voucher; must have attended public school for one year and have an Individualized Education Plans under IDEA

Eligible schools

Schools must be located in Georgia; be accredited or applying for accreditation; demonstrate fiscal soundness; comply with anti-discrimination laws, health and safety laws, regularly report on the student’s academic progress to parents and the state department of education; and employ teachers with bachelor’s degrees or at least three years of experience, and make teachers’ credentials available to parents

Current status

No legal challenges