The Impact of Service on the College Application: How to Make Tracking Service Hours as Digital as Your Students

Date: Thursday, May 22, 2014
Category: Webinar

Presented by Michele Pitman, intelliVOL

As campus ministry and community service requirements increase in Catholic high schools; students are searching for meaningful, diverse, and transformative opportunities. Most schools currently track service hours with paper forms and physical signatures, forcing an overwhelming amount of administrative hours to be wasted on paperwork. Students, teachers, and parents rely on these paper forms to ensure that requirements are met for school clubs, college admission, and graduation requirements. Keeping track of paper forms throughout high school is not easy.

intelliVOL has partnered with NCEA to bring online tracking, reporting, approval, and verification to Catholic elementary and secondary schools. intelliVOL's product x2VOL is being used by hundreds of Catholic schools nationwide and provides tracking and reporting capabilities enabling students and school administrators to easily track and manage student service activity.

Webinar participants will be able to:

  • Learn how community service gives your students a sense of purpose, provides a positive impact on grades and college acceptance rates, and shapes the direction of a student's life, changing the way he/she views the world.
  • Discover ways to allow for student reflection to accompany community service activities.
  • Reduce the time among faculty in tracking and reporting student service activity.

This webinar is offered free of charge as an NCEA member benefit.  


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