NCEA 2022 - 2023 Youth, Virtues, Valor and Vision Awardees Announced

Catholic school students from around the country are recognized for changing the world while selflessly living their Catholic faith.

Leesburg, VA – Eleven Catholic school students have been selected as the recipients of the NCEA 2022 – 2023 Youth, Virtues, Valor and Vision Award (YVVV). This award recognizes students in elementary and secondary schools who through selfless service, determination, innovation and strong ideals are changing the world while bearing witness to their Catholic faith.

Cooper Boeckman created a foundation to benefit the blind. Shaurya Jadhav used a 3-D printer to make protective equipment for first responders during the height of COVID. Kira Kent volunteers at the local hospital. Lorenzo Martinelli and his sister, Arianna, connect high school seniors and senior citizens. Sofia Parfomak fundraised a concert for UNICEF for Ukraine. Armando Parrish assembles and delivers care packages for the homeless. Johanna Polarek worked with a peer, Emily Skowronski, to create a food pantry. Ella Schoenborn prepares meals for the unhoused. Alexandra Daley and Ella Spoonmore began a food bank. Lilah Takes worked to donate unsold produce to the underserved. The NCEA 2022 – 2023 YVVV awardees are true servant leaders. You can read the full biographies on the NCEA website.

“The very title of the award, Youth Virtues, Valor and Vision, tells us a lot about these young people. Each one is a witness to the risen Christ and the importance of Catholic schools,” said NCEA President/CEO Lincoln Snyder. “These students are the faces of our Catholic faith at work in their communities.”

The NCEA Youth Virtues, Valor and Vision Award program is made possible, through the generosity and support of NCEA corporate partner Archangel Education + Technology. Each awardee received a Chromebook from Archangel and the NCEA engraved crystal flame as acknowledgment that these students are lights in the world, igniting a fire for others to follow.

Archangel Education + Technology is a full-service supplier of classroom technology for K-12 schools in the United States. They offer comprehensive technology solutions and professional development to meet each school's individual needs and provide support to guide schools through the decision-making and implementation processes, while offering flexible financing options that allow Catholic schools to get more devices in students’ hands faster to remain competitive and technologically current.

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