Operational vitality of Catholic schools relies on leadership and comprehensive planning for fiscal health.

Sustained vitality of Catholic schools relies on leadership that deftly manages finances, human resources/personnel, facilities and institutional advancement to fully support academic rigor and Catholic identity.

NCEA is happy to provide books, podcasts, recorded webinars and blogs that help you keep the Catholic in your Catholic school. If you are searching for something else, please reach out to our educational content coordinator, Beth Rucinski, for support.



Operational Vitality Blog


Marketing and Communications

Enrollment and Marketing Office of One - Webinar

Pathways to Enrollment Growth and Retention for Catholic School Leaders - Book

Building a Communications Plan Using Data-Driven Techniques - Webinar

Retention Techniques for Elementary Schools - Webinar

Gather Us In: Admissions, Enrollment and Retention for Catholic Schools - Book

Collecting and Analyzing Data to Increase Enrollment - Webinar 

Institutional Finances

The Role of the Catholic School President, Principal, and/or Pastor in Catholic School Development: 25 Suggestions – Webinar

Funding the Kingdom: What Catholic Leaders Need to Know About Philanthropy in 2022 - Webinar

Adaptations in School Fundraising in 2021 - Webinar

Growing Your Advancement Efforts and Marketing to Boost Enrollment – Webinar

2022 Day of Giving to Catholic Schools: How to Set Up Your Appeal and Raise Funds for Your School – Webinar

Running a Smooth Financial Operation in the Catholic Grade School or High School - Book

25 Lessons Learned in 25+ Years of Catholic School Development - Book

25 Lessons Learned Workbook - Book

Using Financial Statements for Oversight and Planning by Catholic School Boards and Administrators - Book

Staffing and HR and Facilities, Equipment and Technology

Hiring for Mission in Catholic Schools - Webinar

Cultivating Talent: Findings from a National Study Examining Pathways to Increase the Presence of Hispanic Teachers and Leaders in Catholic Schools - Webinar

Principal Formation Program, Revised and Updated Second Edition – Book

Yes, We Can Hear You – The Pandemic Lessons Learned and Innovations That Should Last Beyond the Vaccine - Webinar

Assistive Technology: Building Capacity to Access and Learning for All - Webinar

Technology Tools: Free Tools for Classroom Enrichment and Support of Curriculum for Learners and Parents - Webinar

COVID-19 and Beyond: Supporting All Students Using Education Technology - Webinar

Technology, Teamwork & Excellence - Book