Catholic School Outreach and Resource Program for Social-Emotional Learning - Barbara Rieckhoff, Ph.D., Molly Cinnamon, Jackie Sulton, Ingrid Pasquini-Salazar, Charlotte Kelly, Melissa Ockerman, and Dr. Donna Kiel

This panel presents on the development and implementation of a K-12 university collaboration, Catholic School Outreach and Resources (COR), providing professional development through micro-credentialing and mentoring in key areas of social-emotional learning, trauma-informed teaching, and mental health resources essential to a positive school climate.

Promoting SEL Development in Catholic Schools - Christine Gibson, Ph.D.

This session will teach Catholic school educators practical ways to integrate social-emotional learning into the classroom. Strategies focus on keeping lessons grounded in Church teachings.

The Social-Emotional, Academic, and Spiritual Collaboration - Julie A. Vogel, Ph.D. and Dr. Jan Bryan

Euclid’s rebuke to Ptolemy is perhaps the earliest reference to social-emotional and academic learning as he made clear mastering geometry develops over time through the acquisition of skills and the emotional strength to withstand the workload and learn from the setbacks. Join this session to examine the role of social-emotional learning in academic and spiritual endeavors and evaluate practical techniques to converge social-emotional, spiritual, and academic learning in each classroom. Sponsored by Renaissance.

Beyond Teacher Self-Care: Resilient Teaching and Learning - Monica J. Kowalski, Ph.D.

It has been a challenging year for Catholic school teachers and their students. This session will apply a trauma-informed approach to cultivating resilience in challenging times. We will explore SEL skills of self-awareness and self-management as we consider resilient ways to respond to crises. Teachers will learn how to strengthen their own personal resilience and will discover ways to promote resilience in their students.

Resilience, Self-Reliance, Self-Esteem – A Package Deal! - Sister Patricia M. McCormack, IHM, Ed.D.

Explore practices of home and of school that ignite hope, strengthen willpower, instill purpose, and develop competence. Consider models for staff in-service that foster whole-person formation in the classroom. Explore ways to mentor parents to feel adequate in fostering these skills. A practical “take-away” includes reproducible newsletters directed to parents for independent use, assembly use, or parent-pods. (NCEA Publication: Resilience and Self-Reliance - Key Pieces of the Self-Esteem Puzzle).


A Light Unto My Path by Michael J. Boyle, PhD and Sandria Morten, EdD
Perhaps, Pope Francis's idea of accompaniment can provide a parallel to consider that will allow for Catholic schools to develop a systemic approach to address the needs of mental wellness and to reach a wider array of students. Whereas this approach can never replace the need for the work that mental health professionals can deliver, it may assist Catholic schools in developing a more comprehensive response to the expanding needs that present themselves and thereby increase their ability to program for a wider range of students. Developing such approaches will never prevent emotional disorder or a mental health crisis, but systematic approaches to mental wellness can help provide strategies that might help mitigate behavioral symptoms and possibly facilitate adaption.

Growing in Love: Comprehensive Guidance Curriculum by Debra L. Ponec, EdD and Mary Beth Muskin, PhD
This K-8 program is designed to foster students' spiritual, moral, emotional, academic, and physical growth. It provides opportunities for all children to learn and live creatively, and to relate to God, themselves, families, peers, and others in responsible ways.

Ministry of Pastoral Guidance Counseling in Catholic Schools by Robert J. Murray, OSA
This volume examines the school counselor's critical role in providing pastoral care. This much overlooked role offers Catholic school principals and school counselors an opportunity to collaborate as spiritual leaders in developing a pastoral counseling program in Catholic schools. The book is an invaluable tool for diocesan leaders who work with principals and counselors, offering a "pastoral" lens through which Catholic educational leaders and their guidance counselors might view the role of guidance counseling in Catholic schools; not merely as a "profession" but also as a "ministry." This lens is crucial if guidance counselors in Catholic schools are to promote the mission of Catholic education and their school's distinctive identity. This is the seventh volume in the NCEA Catholic Educational Leadership Monograph Series.

Resilience and Self-Reliance by Sr. Patricia McCormack, IHM, Ed.D.
Resilience, self-reliance and self-esteem are by-products of positive identity formation. Informed efforts of parents and teachers can establish, support and foster the psycho-social growth of children. To this end, Resilience and Self-Reliance is a must have, multi-functional desktop reference that includes (1) an informative and formational approach to student self-esteem, (2) administrator and teacher related practices, (3) end-of-chapter activities for personal and corporate use, (4) suggestions for SPRIG-time Sessions (Spiritual and Professional Reflection for Individual Growth), (5) plans for faculty in-service, and (6) parent outreach via reproducible pull outs and suggestions for independent or assembly use.


Mental Wellness in K-12 Education

Key Practices for Holistic Social-Emotional Learning

Interrupting Anxiety for Children’s Mental Health