NCEA webinars cover trending and need-to-know topics relevant to your career in Catholic education.

Upcoming Webinars

2022 Day of Giving to Catholic Schools: How to Set Up Your Appeal and Raise Funds for Your School - Thursday, December 9 at 1 PM EST
Join this webinar to learn how to effectively set up your Day of Giving appeal page and bring in funds for your school. On Tuesday, February 1, NCEA will be launching the fifth annual Many Gifts One Nation: A Day of Giving to Catholic Schools. This online giving campaign invites people across the country who have been positively impacted by Catholic education to financially donate to Catholic schools. In this short session, FACTS will explain how you can easily customize a free donation page and create a strong fundraising campaign of your own.

On Demand Webinars

Care for Our Common Home: What is Your Laudato Si' Action Plan? - On Demand
The Laudato Si' Action Platform launched on November 14, opening dialogue and commitment toward ecological conversion for not only Catholic schools but seven total sectors of influence. This webinar will invoke inspiration for Catholic schools ready to enroll as Laudato Si' schools, as well as inform participants of the backdrop of this critical moment of climate crisis. Participants will learn important steps toward ecological conversion from a systems mindset and also the practical actions being asked by Pope Francis on the Laudato Si' Action Platform.

Designed to Read: Supporting Foundational Literacy Development in Catholic Schools - On Demand
Reading is the most complex skill we teach to children (Whitman and Goldberg, 2008). But research shows the human brain is designed to read—and that certain instructional strategies and supports are far more effective than others in promoting success for young readers. Join this webinar to explore the latest research on foundational literacy development, including new insights from the Science of Reading:

  • Discover strategies to equitably support foundational literacy growth
  • Explore an empirically validated progression for early literacy acquisition
  • Examine the most challenging early literacy skills that can impact future learning
  • Discover best practices for guiding readers to grade-level proficiency
  • Learn strategies to guide ongoing growth as students progress through every grade level

Partnering with Parents in Math to Support Student Learning - On Demand
Dr. Matthew Beyranevand will share his research and experiences about how to build and support the critical relationship with parents within Catholic Schools. In this webinar, we will:

  • Understand what fuels parents’ anxieties and concern
  • Set parents’ expectations about their children’s math instruction and homework
  • Communicate clearly and productively about students’ mathematical progress, strengths, and needs
  • Run informative and fun family events

Reassessing, Renewing and Rebuilding Youth Choral Programs - On Demand
Because of the pandemic, choir directors and music teachers across the country have seen their programs change radically. What are the opportunities for growth here in the face of these challenges? How do we rebuild choral programs after being dormant for so long, while still navigating through the instability and ups-and-downs of our COVID-19 reality? Join Dr. Richard Robbins as he discusses various modes of delivery and strategies for navigating the road ahead for choir directors. Ideas for rethinking choral concepts and assessment, repertoire and rehearsal, using online tools and community-building will be discussed.

Catholic Education Data Study: Results from the Principal Survey - On Demand
Join Dr. Julie Dallavis as she reviews the results from the National Data Study’s principal survey. Over 500 Catholic school principals from 25 dioceses completed a survey on data systems, practices and challenges during the 2020 - 2021 school year. Attendees will gain a better understanding of educational data practices, data use and data access in Catholic schools. In addition, Dr. Dallavis will discuss the challenges around data that schools face and their aspirations for using data in future.

#iGiveCatholic on #GivingTuesday: Participate with NCEA! - On Demand
NCEA and #iGiveCatholic will hold an informational webinar for schools interested in participating on #GivingTuesday. Webinar information will include school success stories, what you need to know about participation and registration information for schools participating for the first time in 2021 and schools who participated in 2020. This is your time to ask questions and see all the resources available for your school! Once you've registered, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions to join the session. We hope you will consider taking part in #iGiveCatholic, the U.S. Catholic Church’s Giving Day. Mark your calendars! Recruit volunteers! Start your planning now! And join us on August 3!

The School Choice Wave of 2021: Its Impact on Catholic Schools and the Role of School Leaders in Maximizing Enrollment Using School Choice Scholarships - On Demand
This webinar focuses on the growth of school choice scholarship opportunities that will impact Catholic school students across the nation and provide a pathway for increased student enrollment. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the establishment of new programs emerging in their states and expansions that will provide the opportunity to open Catholic school doors to more families. In addition, school personnel will have the opportunity learn best practices for engaging in the marketing, admissions and advocacy processes that allow students and families to use school choice scholarships to attend their schools.

A Vision of Hope: Catholic Schooling in Massachusetts - On Demand
Catholic schools have long been a vital part of America’s K-12 school choice landscape, and COVID-19 has created a resurgence of parent interest. Religiously-affiliated schools of all kinds are expected to continue to flourish following the landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue. Pioneer Institute and NCEA invite you to join them Tuesday, June 8 at 1 PM EDT for a webinar on the Institute's recent book, A Vision of Hope: Catholic Schooling in Massachusetts. They review the successes of the Massachusetts model and offer recommendations to help Catholic schools increase student enrollment.

  • Kathy Mears - Interim President/CEO, NCEA
  • Kendra Espinoza - Lead Plaintiff, Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue
  • Cara Candal - Senior Fellow, Pioneer Institute
  • Jason Bedrick - Director of Policy, EdChoice
  • Emmett McGroarty - Visiting Scholar, Catholic University of America

A Smarter Way for Catholic K-8 Schools to Engage Their Community - On Demand
Catholic schools need more parent engagement, but parents are increasingly busy. School leaders and educators would benefit if they knew how to tap into the skills and talents of the parent community. Parents would engage more if information was readily accessible and aligned with their interests and skills. We think engagement can be fun! Connect faculty, parent leaders, families, and interested parishioners as one community in a fun, easy-to-use app with strong Catholic identity. Know more about your community’s talents, skills and interests, and make your Catholic K-8 community engagement simple, fun and full of heart!

  • Talents, Skills and Interests. Capture your community’s unique talents and interest for volunteering and fundraising needs.
  • Modern Directory and Actions. Digital, centralized community contact information and talent center with advanced action features.
  • Event Creation, Sign-up and Tracking. Most robust, feature-rich, secure, and mobile-ready volunteering app on the market.
  • Catholic Identity and Gamification. Prayer center, catholic saint avatars and an innovative point system and gaming levels to encourage engagement.

Is There an Early Literacy Crisis? How Science and Data Can Help - On Demand
In 2019, the National Center for Education Statistics reported that 65% of fourth-grade students were reading below grade level. Interrupted learning due to COVID-19 has only worsened this crisis in early literacy, especially in historically disadvantaged and marginalized communities. Join early literacy expert Lynne Kulich as she discusses science-backed instructional strategies to help close the reading gap for all students. Learn how assessments like MAP Reading Fluency can help you meet students where they are and inform instruction toward the ultimate goal of reading for meaning and understanding.

Living in the Companionship of Jesus: Accompaniment as a Pathway to Meaningfulness and Joy - On Demand
The "goodness" of the Good News is not only that Jesus is risen, but that he is among us today! Understanding and sharing how God walks with us in our "ordinary lives" is essential to experiencing the transforming power and joy of our Catholic faith. Join us as we hear Deacon Matt Halbach, PhD, describe how Jesus’ relationships with his disciples, in the Gospel, serve as a paradigm for understanding how God accompanies us, and as a pathway for how we can accompany others. As Pope Francis says in the Joy of the Gospel, everyone must learn this "art of accompaniment." Are you ready to let God accompany you? Are you ready to be a Companion?

Using Observation and Benchmark Data to Identify Professional Learning Opportunities that Strengthen Catholic Schools - On Demand
Learn how to use observation and student achievement data to craft professional learning opportunities that increase leadership capacity and drive instructional improvement. We will explore observation norming practices and leadership coaching approaches that build leaders’ capacity to provide teachers with meaningful and action-oriented feedback. Resources shared will include protocols for rubric exploration, structures for norming and peer observations, and sample observer guides.

The Growth Equation—Motivate Math Achievement and Address Learning Loss - On Demand
Research on how COVID-19 disruptions have impacted student learning still indicates a deficit of 2–3 months in math achievement. Join this webinar to gain insight into recent declines in math performance and learn strategies to help students overcome common challenges to ongoing growth. Dr. Gene Kerns will share:

  • Data from the latest How Kids Are Performing report to quantify the decline
  • Steps you can take this spring and summer to get students back on track
  • How to identify math “trip steps”—the most difficult skills—for each grade
  • Research on how adaptive math practice impacts learning loss and achievement
  • Best practices for measuring performance, addressing learning loss and guiding growth

Collecting and Analyzing Systems-Level Observation Data to Improve Leader and Teacher Practice - On Demand
School and diocesan leaders will learn how to build an online data system to collect classroom observation data. Participants will explore approaches to compile the aggregate data into building-level reports school leaders can employ to drive teacher coaching conversations and inform professional learning.

Data Analytics and Visualizations for Schools and Dioceses - On Demand
Incoming data from local and public sources such as surveys, assessments and performance data can be difficult to combine into information that is meaningful for your educators. The LiveBook Data Analytics Platform merges student data sources to create comprehensive analytics and visualizations for Catholic Schools and Dioceses. Create data studies according to in-person, remote and hybrid learning modalities. This empowers educators to pinpoint patterns, differences, ranks, and trends in the data - for evidenced-based solutions in both single- and multi-school environments.

Engaging Families and Building Strong School Communities with Mobile - On Demand
If there’s anything we’ve learned during the course of the pandemic, it’s that instant, digital communication between schools and families is more important than ever. With school policies changing rapidly and information floating around from countless sources, schools must establish one platform to deliver accurate information to families. Join FACTS and panelists from Catholic schools across the nation on how they've utilized FACTS Family App to allow families to receive important school announcements, access grades and assignments, make payments, view calendars, and more – all from their mobile device. In this panel discussion, you'll learn how:

  • Families expect to receive communication from your school in the COVID era
  • To position your school as a technology leader and be more attractive to prospective families
  • Mobile app features help schools achieve communication and tech goals
  • To use federal funding to cover the cost of communication technology

Aligning Your Phonics Instruction to the Science of Reading - On Demand
This session covers the 4 key guideposts of phonics as they relate to the science of reading (including recent brain research) and how to effectively implement the guideposts in foundational skills instruction.

Revolution of the Heart: The Dorothy Day Story - On Demand
Dorothy Day was co-founder (along with Peter Maurin) of the Catholic Worker Movement that began as a newspaper to expose rampant injustices during the Great Depression. It soon expanded to become a network of houses of hospitality to welcome the poor and destitute. Now nearly a century after they began, the number of Catholic Worker houses continues to grow and the newspaper is still speaking truth to power. In this webinar, participants will explore film as a form of Catholic ministry, the process for canonization, and the opportunity to use examples such as Dorothy Day as a witness of Catholic Social Teaching and to examine the complexity of the Communion of Saints. Participants will learn from President and Founder of Journey Films, Martin Doblmeier and theology teacher at Saint Xavier High School, Adam P. Zoeller in this webinar.

Catholic School Data, Post-COVID: Enrollment and School Closure - On Demand
Join NCEA’s Annie Smith and Sr. Dale McDonald for a webinar on its annual report of Catholic elementary and secondary schools, enrollment, and staffing. Learn more about the most important data points on the state of Catholic schools nationwide, tackle misconceptions about the impact of the pandemic on Catholic school enrollment, and next steps for moving forward!

Lessons on Self-Care from a Trauma-Informed Perspective - On Demand
The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is stressful. Fear and anxiety about a disease can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions in adults and children. Join Catholic Charities USA (CCUSA) to raise awareness about symptoms of vicarious trauma in social service staff, teachers and childcare professionals, who are trying to stay resilient during this difficult time. We will address important ways to practice self-care to maintain our health. Our team will advise on how to prevent and deal with stress and how to cope with emotions that will make you, the people you care about and your community stronger.

The Elements of an Ideal Assessment System - On Demand
Assessment plays a critical role in Catholic schools, supporting our shared mission of academic excellence and strong student achievement. But “ideal assessment” goes beyond simply testing. It also provides all stakeholders—including students—with the right information to move learning forward. Join this webinar to explore the elements of an ideal assessment system. Dr. Gene Kerns will share how to use different types of assessment most effectively in your school and diocese, including:

  • Making the best use of formative, interim, and summative data to guide student learning
  • Understanding each stakeholder’s unique data needs
  • Adapting to assessment-related challenges presented by COVID-19
  • Building assessment literacy among educators, students, parents, and your community

Maximizing New COVID Relief Benefit for Catholic Schools - On Demand
Catholic school leaders are invited to join Sr. Dale McDonald (NCEA) and Jennifer Daniels (USCCB) in a discussion of the new US Department of Education guidelines to learn how to maximize benefits under the new Emergency Assistance to Non-Public Schools Program (EANS) with funding earmarked for serving non-public schools.

Equity in Education: Using Growth Data to Improve Student Outcomes - On Demand
Are all methods of school performance measurement created equal? Does measuring achievement alone serve students or schools with differing levels of challenges? Join this webinar led by Dr. John Cronin, senior research fellow at NWEA®, as he shares the results and implications of groundbreaking NWEA research on how poverty impacts school-level achievement and growth. We will share the research study exploring the impact poverty has on school performance and discuss why measuring achievement and growth is key to accurate, equitable results. Dr. Cronin will also address why this research is especially significant in the wake of interrupted learning and remote instruction. What you will learn:

  • The implications of using student achievement and growth to evaluate schools
  • How NWEA identifies high growth for all schools
  • What are the characteristics of high growth for all schools
  • How our COVID recovery tools, including the Growth Goal Explorer and the Data Recovery File, can help

Leadership Transitions That Promoted Outcomes For Struggling Readers - On Demand
As education leaders are transitioning from day to day to attend to staff and students' needs, one administrator looks at existing resources to maximize an untapped opportunity that had a maximum benefit for struggling readers. Anne Dillon, Director for Special Education, Archdiocese of Washington, led the charge to enable students' access and equity in a distance learning environment. You will hear how Anne made swift moves when students needed access to content while learning remotely. Her passion for equipping students to be independent learners will shine through.

Miracle Projects: Students Leading the Gospel Call to Love - On Demand
This webinar will present Miracle Projects, an initiative of Catholic Charities Community Services (Phoenix) which engages local Catholic schools. Miracle Projects leverage students’ strengths and creativity in an entrepreneurial endeavor to teach social responsibility, the prevalence of social injustice, the impact of community reinvestment and the joy of faithful stewardship of God’s graces. To accomplish this: 1) Catholic Charities makes classroom presentation about community justice issues; 2) Students choose one program to support the fight against injustice; 3) Students create an entrepreneurial project to raise resources; 4) Students reinvest their profits to bring about social change. This webinar will be of particular interest to those responsible for parish engagement and also social enterprise.

Addressing Student Learning Loss - On Demand
In Fall 2020, teachers used both formal and informal assessment to determine any academic learning loss that occurred in Spring and Summer of 2020. This classroom and school-wide data has made clear that any gaps in student achievement must be addressed. This webinar will focus on strategies for classroom teachers to address student learning loss through instructional practices in core and targeted instruction.

Why and How Literacy Must Be Reframed - On Demand
Helping students achieve reading proficiency improves overall learning outcomes. Yet too often, reading performance flatlines after grade 4 for students in both public and Catholic schools. Join this webinar to learn how Catholic educators can reverse this trend. Dr. Gene Kerns will share research-based insights from his new book Literacy Reframed, including:

  • Game-changing methods to guide growth for every reader—across all grades and at all levels
  • Proven alternatives to classroom skill work, such as building both proficiency and subject-area knowledge by incorporating reading across the curriculum
  • Strategies for using digital reading as a powerful lever for growth in any learning environment
  • How reigniting the traditional knowledge-rich curriculum in Catholic education supports literacy development

The New Leaders Academy - Introduction and Information Session - On Demand
This webinar will introduce the first session of content for the New Leaders Academy and provide an overview for how the course will work over the 2020-21 school year.

What Happens When 20% of Your Student Population Chooses Online Education for 2020-2021? - On Demand
Online education experts and practitioners will guide you through models of online education and blended learning, providing practical examples and "how-to" information. Focus will be on retaining your own school identity online, creating financial stability, and lessons learned over the last two decades. Panelists will answer your questions live.

NCEA Town Hall with Kathy Mears - On Demand
On Wednesday, August 5 at 6 PM EDT/3 PM PDT, we are holding a Virtual Town Hall to give voice to the 130,000+ Catholic educators who have responded to the recent challenges with grace, resilience, determination and heart. We ask that you join us for this dialogue and discussion as we chart a path forward in a time of great need.

State and Local Level Advocacy for Catholic Schools - On Demand
Now more than ever, Catholic schools are a vital and powerful educational option for kids and families. This webinar will discuss how to foster efforts at the state and local level advocacy for communities to support Catholic schools. Michael Acquilano, the Director of the South Carolina Catholic Conference and Secretary of Communications and Public Affairs for the Diocese of Charleston, will set context on successful outreach on behalf of Catholic schools to state and local governments and provide practical recommendations for action.

Better Together: Collaborating to Support Student Learning - On Demand
Whether your year will start in person, online, or with some mix of the two, providing opportunities for teachers to learn, share, problem solve, and collaborate is key. Jill Annable, Assistant Superintendent for the Diocese of Grand Rapids, will share best practices from the rich collaboration and sharing from the 31 schools in her diocese that led to vibrant student and adult learning during the pandemic, as well as tips and tricks for how to best move forward to support the needs of all student and adult learners!

Choosing the Best Coaching Model for your Teachers and Leaders - On Demand
Is coaching the best way to advance teaching and learning in our schools? In this free NCEA webinar, Dr. Susan Abelein offers a data-driven approach to this question and provides insights from 60 research studies on coaching programs. Drawing from research on the effectiveness of teacher coaching, Dr. Abelein delivers insights on program components, including video-based distance coaching, that allow school leaders to choose the framework that meets the needs of their community.