Event Registration Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I’m a member?

Even if you do not have an individual membership with NCEA, you are likely a member through your school’s institutional membership. Check with your principal to find out if your school is a member, or feel free to call 800-711-6232.

I am a member but I don’t know my login information. Should I create an account?

No. If you create a new web account that is not linked to your school’s membership record, the website will not be able to recognize that you should receive member pricing benefits. If you do not know your login or are unsure if you already have one or not, please call 800-711-6232.

I’m logged in but don’t see the name that I need to register listed under the school.

The NCEA member database only lists/recognizes individuals that it is already aware of as staff/faculty of the given school. If you do not see the individual you need to register listed, please contact Sterling Morse at 571-257-0015 or smorse@ncea.org to have their name added to the school’s roster. You will then be able to complete online registration for that individual.

Can I register multiple people at the same time?

Yes, of course! The instructions for registering online or via the paper form are as follows:

  • Online: Once logged into the NCEA website and on the registration page, go through the steps of registering the first individual. Next, prior to moving on to check out, click the “register someone else” button to have the opportunity to select someone else from your school to register.
  • Paper: Complete one registration form for each individual that is attending and send to the attention of Jennifer Stewart either via fax (703-243-0025) or email jstewart@ncea.org.

Can I pay via check or purchase order?

Yes, of course! The NCEA online registration system is unfortunately not equipped to accept registration payment via PO or check. If using this payment method, please submit a completed paper registration form either via mail, fax (703-243-0025) or email to Jennifer Stewart at jstewart@ncea.org.

The site isn’t giving me member pricing, but I know that I am a member.

This is likely because for some reason your record within the NCEA database is not correctly linked to your school’s "parent" record which indicates membership status. Should you encounter this issue, please call 800-711-6232 so it may be corrected to ensure that you receive member pricing.

I am using title funding to attend, how do I register?

Communicate with your LEA (Local Education Agency) to determine what items they need for a funding request, as well as how much of the conference fees they are able to cover. If the LEA works to get individuals registered via a purchase order, a copy of the purchase order and completed paper registration form(s) will need to be sent to Jennifer Stewart’s attention either via fax (703-243-0025) or email (jstewart@ncea.org). If the LEA prefers, they may submit the registration forms on behalf of the school with LEA credit card information attached.

I didn’t receive a confirmation email.

Your confirmation email was likely delayed due to either a system glitch or payment processing taking an extra business day to clear. If you still need to receive a confirmation email, please notify Jennifer Stewart at jstewart@ncea.org.