Student Religious Education Programs

Information for Growth: Assessment of Children/Youth Religious Education (NCEA IFG: ACRE edition)

NCEA IFG: ACRE is designed to assist in the evaluation of catechetical/religious education programs in Catholic schools and parishes. As an integrated assessment tool, NCEA IFG: ACRE provides faith knowledge questions (cognitive domain) and questions related to religious beliefs, attitudes, practices, and perceptions (affective domain). As a multilevel, age appropriate tool, NCEA ACRE is used in grade 5 (Level 1); grades 8 or 9 (Level 2); and grades 11 or 12 (Level 3). The local site, parish or Catholic school, will receive a group report for each NCEA IFG: ACRE level used. Diocesan level leaders can also request a composite summary report of all NCEA ACRE participating schools and parishes in the (arch)diocese.

The NCEA IFG: ACRE edition is based on the Catholic Church’s expectations for an organic, systematic, and comprehensive education in Christian discipleship. Currently, it is the only tool that provides national scores for comparison and processes for tracking religious education program data over time.

We are excited to announce that as of June 30, 2018, NCEA’s ACRE/IFG is being hosted on a new and improved platform built by My Catholic Faith Technologies. If you would like to make a purchase from My Catholic Faith Technologies for next school year (2018-2019), please click on the button below and fill out the order form on the next page. If you have any additional questions about religious education assessments, please call (913) 800-6893 or email The address is My Catholic Faith Technologies, 1263 Hemlock Street, Suite C, Overland Park, Kansas 66213.

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