NCEA Webinars

NCEA webinars cover trending and need-to-know topics relevant to your career in Catholic education.  All participants will receive the recorded webinar and presentation files for reference and inclusion among other professional learning resources.   For inquiries regarding webinars, contact Andrea Kopp, Manager of Educational Resources at

Upcoming Webinars

Getting the Most out of your ESSA Funding

Catapult Learning is pleased to present Lee Anne Housley, Vice President, Instructional Excellence, who will be discussing strategies for the effective use of your Title funding. Given the upcoming changes brought about by the introduction of ESSA, and the dollars associated with it, how do we utilize those funds to the fullest extent in service to our students and staff? What does our data tell us about the needs of our students and teachers? How can these funds create sustainable changes in teaching and learning that impact student achievement? What are other school leaders planning? During this webinar, leaders will have an opportunity to share and discuss ideas, learn about new products and services, and reflect on their next steps.

Presented in Partnership with:  Catapult Learning

Wednesday April 5, 2017
4:00pm EST


Responsive Classroom

How do teachers use data (evidence of learning) to build lessons that allow them to be responsive to student feedback received during the lesson? Walk through the components of Responsive Lesson Planning as an unfolding process of collecting evidence of learning (student feedback), considering choice possibilities and the implications, then relating the choice to practical adjustment decisions. Explore instructional strategies to support your responsive instruction.

Learning Targets

  • Identify components of responsive instruction based on student feedback
  • Identify instructional strategies to integrate into responsive instruction
  • Presented in partnership with:
    Thursday April 6, 2014
    4:00pm or 7:00pm


    Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Adolescent Brain

    This webinar will define culturally responsive teaching and outline factors in which current students are motivated.  These research based strategies are applicable to the whole student body.  We will look at ways to meet students' needs at the cultural level and examine the need to build a culturally competent team.  As a group we'll reflect and evaluate our own cultural nuances and what makes us click. More often than not, it's enlightening to see the impact that culture has on us and how it influences our behavior/teaching.  Investigate the basic functions of the adolescent brain to help identify factors that excite the mind in the classroom.  I'll leave you with a few exercises to consider moving forward. I'll ask for teachers to be more explicit with teaching culture (American and foreign culture) in their classroom. The exercises ask of teachers to look at examples of cultural education and how they can modify their lessons in the future.  Presented by Nicholas Wilson, Director of Educational Services for Three W International.

    Presented in Partnership with:  3W International

    Tuesday April 25, 2017
    4:00pm or 7:00pm EST


    Digital Learning Trends at Private Schools

    School leaders are invited to discover the latest research on the role of technology in learning and get answers to these big issues in your school community:

  • What parents and principals think is “extremely important” for students’ success
  • What will help students the most to develop college and career readiness skills
  • Which classes will benefit the most from the use of new instructional technology
  • Why a growing number of high school principals are allowing BYOD
  • What factors are driving the growth of paperless learning
  • Presented in partnership with:

    Tuesday April 25, 2017
    1:00pm or 4:00pm EST


    Essentials of Core Reading Instruction 

    Teachers in grades 3-8: are you looking to energize your reading instruction? This webinar will discuss key components that are essential for reading instruction. These will include the Gradual Release of Responsibility to teach comprehension, the strategy of close reading for comprehension, vocabulary instruction, and free-choice reading. Throughout we will talk about what structures support this instruction.  Presented by Michelle Lia, Assistant Director of Professional Development for Andrew M. Greeley Center for Catholic Education.

    Thursday April 27, 2017
    4:00pm or 7:00pm EST


    Adopting Standards Based Grading in your School or Diocese

    Teachers who have been using traditional grading for years find it difficult to switch to standards-based grading. Often using a hybrid approach of traditional and standards based grading for a few years can ease transition towards pure standards-based grading. We will discuss challenges and strategies that schools/dioceses have successfully implemented that you can adopt for your school/diocese. 

    This session will cover: 
    • Why standards-based grading? 
    • How to do standards-based grading 
    • Challenges in adopting standards-based grading 
    • Various hybrid transition approaches 
    • Integrating standards into lesson plan, assessments and progress monitoring 
    • How assessment information be shared in Progress Reports to Parents on a regular basis 
    • Standards-based Report Card and permanent record 

    Presented in partnership with: SchoolSpeak 

    Monday May 1, 2017
    4:00pm or 7:00pm


    Nobody Has the Power to Ruin Your Day

    This unique live webcast experience allows teachers to invite Lizzie Sider, an 18 year old recording artist,  nationally recognized speaker and anti-bullying advocate, into their classroom to present her anti bullying message directly to students, live, via the web, and to take questions, from the audience.  Lizzie has personally performed her live Bully Prevention Assembly at nearly 400 schools throughout the country, and her Bully Prevention Video Package is now being used in over 3,400 schools representing over 2,250,000 students in all 50 states and beyond.  All teachers will receive Lizzie's anti-bullying video and resources free for joining the session!

    Tuesday May 2, 2017

    1:45 - 2:45 EST


    Top 10 Blended Learning Practices

    In this webinar, you will learn 10 practical ideas you can immediately apply to successfully implement a blended learning model in your school. Get answers to questions such as, “Do classroom teachers have to be tech savvy to implement blended learning?,” “Our classroom teachers are digital natives. What more do they need to know?,” and “Is using a little bit of print and a little bit of digital really blended learning?” Find out more about using eBooks, online assessments, and interactive editions as tools for implementing a blended learning model in your K–12 ELA and Math
    Presented in partnership with: Sadlier

    Tuesday May 2, 2017
    4:00pm or 7:00pm


    Creating a Year of Professional Enrichment: Mentoring Emerging Leaders

    School Leaders are called to an enormous task that requires multiple skill sets. Ongoing support and coaching can make the difference between an successful year and a stressful year. This webinar will explore the basics in creating a thoughtful year of professional enrichment for emerging leaders in your school or diocese.  Participants will recognize the importance and value of confident and qualified leaders and understand the need for ongoing mentoring an coaching for long term success.  Join NCEA Director of Executive Mentoring and Coaching / Senior Consultant, Heather Gossart, to get ideas and inspiration for mentoring the emerging leaders in your school or diocese.

    Wednesday May 3, 2017
    4:00pm or 7:00pm EST


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