Accelerating Advancement Strategies


Robust and vibrant advancement and development programs are essential for the viability and growth of any Catholic school. As you plan and dream for the new school year, we’d like to give you and your community a boost! This three-hour workshop gives you a taste of your next steps to grow and enhance your school’s development program by assessing your current strengths and areas of growth, highlighting potential opportunities to fast-track or renew institutional advancement at your school and connect with colleagues and thought leaders. 

Registration includes:
Three hours of live, synchronous workshops for $49. Recordings of live sessions and supplemental resources available on-demand. 

Workshop Schedule
May 19, 12 – 3 PM ET


  • Assess your school’s capacity to effectively engage in institutional advancement (NSBECS 13.3)
  • Identify high-leverage advancement strategies to implement during the planning and transition period for the upcoming school year (NSBECS 13.3)