NCEA Virtual Spring Workshops

Budget & Finance workshop


May 20, 21, 22, 2020 at 1 PM ET
Join NCEA for three sessions tailor-made to help you fully assess your school’s current financial reality, envision targets for vision/mission/strategy over the next 12 months, and prepare a budget to address your school’s operational vitality. Each session will provide opportunities for problem-solving, expert guidance on critical financial planning issues, and solid support to school leaders to increase confidence during this uncertain time.

The Budget & Finance workshop is ideal for principals, presidents, pastors, school board members, diocesan leaders, and others involved or interested in finance in Catholic schools.


  • Session 1 (May 20) - Where are we now? - focus on enrollment reality, parent and family income reality, solidifying and communicating the school value proposition, and strategies for recruitment/retention/enrollment
  • Session 2 (May 21) - Where do we want to be at the end of September, December, March 2021, June 2021? - implementing the vision/mission of the school over short/medium/long-term, using the input of various stakeholders, bringing intense focus to faith formation and academic excellence, determining needs and adaptation/adjustment tactics
  • Session 3 (May 22) - How do we finance where we want to be? - zero-based budgeting, organizational priorities, resource identification, strategic reductions, and potential contingencies





Mental Health & Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)


June 3, 2020 at 10 AM ET
Catholic schools are facing a challenge. The increasing mental health needs of a wider range of students pose a challenge to Catholic schools who have limited resources. Pope Francis has spoken repeatedly about our need to meet people in whatever circumstances life has given them and to walk with them in compas­sion and love. The bind, of course, is how to walk with compassion and love when financial resources are limited.

The one day working conference offers Catholic school teachers and leaders an opportunity to create an action place to support mental wellness in Catholic schools. With virtual plenary sessions as well as action plan development sessions, participants will have the opportunity to create a plan to foster mental wellness customized for their building.

As a result of attending the workshop, participants will:

  • Identify reasons for developing approaches to support mental wellness in Catholic schools
  • Name the essential elements of the Catholic School Framework for Mental Wellness
  • Identify strengths and areas of growth using the Institutional Beliefs assessment
  • Create an implementation plan to build mental wellness supports within their building

Schedule of Sessions:

Session One: A Light Unto My Path: A Model for Accompaniment for Fostering Mental Wellness (45 minutes). This session will explore Pope Francis’s idea of accompaniment and how it will allow for Catholic schools to develop a systems-approach to addressing the needs of mental wellness and to reach a wider array of students.

Inter-session Work: (45 minutes). Create a case statement supporting the reasons why the participant’s school should support the adoption of supports for mental wellness.

Session Two: Exploring the Accompaniment Framework for Fostering Mental Wellness (60 minutes). This session will expand on this model of accompaniment presented in the first session and offer a four step template that will provide a framework for Catholic schools to integrate mental wellness approaches. A guide to assess institutional beliefs will be presented and participants will use this to establish a baseline to synthesize building-based approaches.

Inter-session work: (60 minutes). Complete the Institutional Beliefs Survey and Identify Strengths and areas for development.

Session Three: Taking the First Steps (60 minutes). Participants will be introduced to a four stage process to implement the framework: assessment, capacity building, program development and progress monitoring. Various checklists and supports will be introduced and a system implementation plan will be reviewed.





June 23 and 24, 2020 at 10 AM ET
The NCEA Virtual STREAM Workshop is a two-day professional learning and collaboration event focused on ensuring educators walk away with actionable strategies to deepen the integration of STREAM education in their classrooms, schools and communities. Inspired by Laudato Si', these powerful practices help schools and school leaders connect the rigor and engagement of STREAM learning with our care for our common home.

Our four live sessions and opportunities for collaboration led by thought leaders in STREAM and education are focused around these topics:

  • Establishing a schoolwide mindset, culture, and rationale for STREAM
  • Integrating STREAM into Multi-Tiered Systems of Support for instruction, differentation and intervention
  • Developing, operationalizing and reinforcing mindset norms leading to a culture of inquiry
  • Using assessment and evaluation to provide powerful feedback and adjustments to instruction

Schedule of Sessions:

Session One (June 23, 10 AM ET): STEM Learning and Catholic Schools: Mindset and Culture (Leslie De Leonardis, STEM Network Director - Archdiocese of Los Angeles)

Session Two (June 23, 11:30 AM ET): Providing Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) in a STREAM Environment (Sue Pietrusza, Education Associate - STEM Centers SC)

Session Three (June 24, 10 AM ET): Mindset Norms: Building and Reinforcing a Culture of Inquiry (Jim Ryan, Grades 3-5 STEM Teacher - Holy Spirit STEM Academy)

Session Four (June 24, 11:30 AM ET): Responding to Assessment in Interdisciplinary Classrooms (Gene M. Kerns, Vice President and Chief Academic Officer - Renaissance Learning)