Data Forms for 2020-2021

Databank Data Collection paper forms: The hard copy pdf forms for the annual collection of statistical information for Catholic Schools are available for download and copying. These forms cannot be used for electronic submission of data.

Diocesan Data Summary  - form for submission to NCEA
Diocesan Instructions Sheet  
School Databank Form   - data collection form used for the diocesan submission
Race and Ethnicity Reporting

Electronic Submission of Data

For Schools:
Instead of the paper form, an Excel Workbook for school reporting is available. The form includes sheets with the Instructions and Race/Ethnicity guidelines. This form must be submitted to the Diocesan Schools Office, not to NCEA.

For Diocesan Schools Office:
Instead of the paper form, an Excel Workbook for the Diocesan Data Summary is available. It can be downloaded and completed electronically and returned to NCEA via email when completed. This is only for Diocesan Education Offices. Be sure and save the Excel Workbook to your local computer after opening the form.

A second school form can be modified by the Diocesan Schools Office to collect additional data from each school. After it is modified by the Schools Office, it can be distributed to each school. To obtain access to this form contact Margaret Schultz.