NCEA Knowledge Notes

The NCEA's Knowledge Notes series was launched in April 2019. Notes explore achievements and challenges for Catholic schools with a focus on schools in the United States. Interesting innovations may also be featured. Most Notes in the series will be based on empirical data, but some Notes could simply share interesting ideas or experiences. 

All Notes posted here may be downloaded free of charge. If you plan to share these documents, please share the link to this web page so that others can download their own copy. As educators know, data is important and we want to be sure we have an accurate understanding of interest and usage for Notes.  

The following Notes are currently available:

  1. Long-Term Trends in Enrollment in Catholic Schools (April 2019)
  2. Student Performance on Learning Assessments (April 2019)
  3. Willingness to Consider Catholic Schools and Favorable Ratings (September 2019)
  4. Parental Priorities for What Children Should Learn in School (September 2019)

The following Educatio Si Bulletins are currently available:

  1. Highlights and Reflections on OIEC's World Congress (Summer 2019)
  2. Education and Sustainable Development: Building on OIEC's World Congress (Fall 2019)

For further resources, please also review the Catholic School Data page.

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