As a member organization, NCEA takes joy in the privilege of bringing people together. Here, we truly believe that we are better together.

As a community support for Catholic education, NCEA is proud of all the hard work dioceses and schools are doing. We want to emphasize our role of sharing those resources, stories and recommendations with all of our members.

Operational Vitality

District Accreditation Support: Digital Structures - Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux

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“The key to a successful accreditation process is building structure and capacity. According to Cognia, we did that well and are willing to share the digital structures and narratives with others.” - Dr. Mark Williams, Superintendent, The Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux

Please reach out to Dr. Mark Williams,, for access to their structures and resources for diocese accreditation.


Department of Human Services Accreditation Support: PreK Programs – St. Joseph the Worker, Diocese of Allentown

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Please reach out to, for information and resources for Early Childhood accreditation.


Development and Advancement Professional Resource Group – Diocese of Cleveland and Diocese of Charlotte

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The Diocese of Charlotte is altering the way they look at development. They have implemented a Director of Development in the Catholic School Office to support each of their 20 schools with funding, as well as overall operational vitality.

“CEDAR (Catholic Education Development and Resources) is a professional resource group for similar Diocesan-wide Development and Marketing professionals started by the Diocese of Charlotte and the Diocese of Cleveland. They meet every other month to share best practice, network, and find new and different ways to support our schools in the Advancement arena.” -Ben Hoke

Please reach out to Ben Hoke,, for information and resources on the Director of Development role, or CEDAR.


Academic Excellence

A California Missions Project – Saint Katharine Drexel Academy, Diocese of San Diego

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“This is A California Missions project following the new narrative and standards referenced grading. It gives students a realistic idea of what life was like during the California mission period, and there is no styrofoam involved.” - Kimberly Kramer, 

Take a look at the Mission Project Slideshow for more information.


STARS: Special Education Resources – Roncalli High School, Diocese of Indianapolis

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“STARS (Students That Are Ready For Success) is a comprehensive Special Education program. The program assists students with identified learning and/or cognitive disabilities be successful academically, socially and emotionally.” - Chuck Weisenbach

Take a look at the Roncalli STARS website for more information!


"Let's Talk, Catholic Teens” – Mary Ellen Nourse

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“"Let's Talk, Catholic Teens" will be a series of Catholic faith based, "turn-key" micro-lessons on public speaking, speech communication, and listening skills for middle-school students. My series is under construction; the first three micro-lessons are attached.” - Mary Ellen Nourse, 

View the first lesson here! Please contact Mary Ellen Nourse for licensing. Want to see more? Click to view the second and third lessons.


INSIGHT: Social and Emotional Learning Professional Development – Catholic University of America, Institute of Transformation for Catholic Education

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Insight is the first Social and Emotional Learning Professional Development Program for K-12 Catholic School Educators. This free program consists of 10 brief Video Lessons, a Discussion Guide, and a Prayer Companion featuring sacred art and scripture. Insight was designed for Catholic school educators, school counselors, and parents, and may be used in monthly faculty meetings, in small groups, or for private study.

To learn more about Insight, view the informational webinar!


Mission and Catholic Identity

The Role of the Priest in Today’s Catholic School 2023 – Catholic Education Foundation

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Explore the pivotal role of priests in today's Catholic education landscape through our engaging webinars from Catholic Education Foundation's 2023 Conference. These webinars provide valuable insights into the dynamic relationship between priests, educators, and students in Catholic schools. Gain a deeper understanding of the multifaceted responsibilities of priests in fostering faith-based education and nurturing spiritual growth among students. Join us for enlightening discussions and practical takeaways that will empower both clergy and educators to continue providing a faith-driven, high-quality education.


Theology Elective: Called to Be Saints - Community Involvement Based on Catholic Social Teaching – Xavier High School, Archdiocese of Dubuque

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“Called to be Saints is a Theology elective course for seniors focused on living Catholic social teachings by direct involvement in the community. The course meets off campus at a downtown Catholic parish, walking distance from the nonprofits we served. We have a block schedule and spend two consecutive blocks of time there, roughly 2.5 hours. Although we want to expose our students to a wide variety of opportunities, we also wanted to keep visiting a few places again and again, to form relationships with the people and clientele there. That was crucial for us. Transportation logistics do require planning. We are very intentional about this being a class on Catholic social teaching; any school can have a ‘community service course.’ We did not have a bad experience, but our best experiences were working with adults with developmental disabilities, the homeless shelter and its services, and a food pantry supported by Catholic parishes. Other areas we are looking to add in our second year of the course include a senior care center, free medical clinic and prison ministry. The possibilities are really limitless and can be tailored to any community. Another major aspect was partnering with a Catholic parish in their efforts to better minister to the homeless. It turned the students from observers into activists. They conducted interviews with parish priests and community members and facilitated a meeting to bring both sides together and work on a plan of implementation for the future.” - Michael Goldsmith,

Take a look at the course syllabus, sample assignment, prayer teachings, or saint essay and presentation instructions and rubric.


Xavier Community System: Building Belonging – Xavier High School, Archdiocese of Dubuque

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“The Xavier Community system is designed to build relationships with God and with others in addition to enhancing a sense of belonging and connection for each and every Xavier Saint who walks through our doors. The system will be comprised of five separate “communities,” each of which will feature a cross section of 9-12 grade students, teachers and staff. Communities will participate in a variety of activities together such as service projects, celebrating Masses and at pep rallies, and having time built into the normal school day schedule to interact and learn about one another.” -Erica Ireland,

Visit the website to get more information on this school-wide community building initiative.


School Pastors Institute – Notre Dame University, South Bend, IN

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“The School Pastors' Institute is a leadership formation symposium for pastors of Catholic schools. The four-day summer conference is designed to respond to the unique and increasingly complex challenges and opportunities related to serving as a pastor of a parish school.” - Alliance for Catholic Education, Notre Dame University,

Visit the website to get more information on this formative opportunity for school pastors.