2018 NAEP Technology and Engineering Literacy Assessment at Grade 8

Assessment at Grade 8 Report Card shows student performance reported by average scale scores and achievement levels.

The Technology and Engineering Literacy (TEL) assessment measured whether students are able to apply technology and engineering skills to real-life situations.

Eighth-grade students were presented real-world scenarios involving technology and engineering challenges. Students were asked to respond to questions aimed at assessing their knowledge and The National Center for Education Statistics 2018 NAEP Technology and Engineering Literacy skill in understanding technological principles, solving technology and engineering-related problems, and using technology to communicate and collaborate.

Scales range from 0–300 with a mean set at 150.

Achievement Levels:

  • below basic (not defined, but less than partial mastery)
  • basic (partial mastery of fundamental skills and knowledge)
  • proficient (solid academic performance)
  • advanced (superior performance)

Scale Scores and Achievement Levels of Students in Public and Catholic Schools*

Technology and Engineering Literacy – Grade 8
   Public School Students  Catholic School Students
 Scale Scores  151  167
 Achievement Levels:    
 Below Basic 17 
 Basic 34  24 
 Proficient 45   64
 Advanced  7


* Scores are not available for other private schools

The full report is available here.