Sessions by Track

The sessions listed below are categorized by day, time and track.  Please note that not all 2017 Convention sessions are listed as some sessions do not fall within a track.  A full session listing will be available within the mobile app which will become available in the weeks leading up to the Convention.  Session dates and times are subject to change. 

Tuesday, April 18   11:00 a.m.                       
 Track Session Title 
 21st Century Learners  Sustaining School Innovation: How to SOAR to the Height Rather than Drift into the Night
 Adult Faith Formation  The Gift of Teaching Religion, the Tasks of a Religion Teacher
 Boards  Onboarding the Board: Strategies for a Successful Consultative School Board Launch
 Campus Ministry  Using Prayer Journals with Middle School Students 
 Catholic Library Association  Finding, Preserving and Chronicling Our Past: Diocesan and National Catholic Papers in the Catholic News Archive             
 Catholic Library Association  Makerspace Geometry
 Catholic Library Association   What are Catholic College Students Not Reading?
 Catholic Social Justice  Beyond the Annual Canned Food Drive: Incorporating the Corporal Works of Mercy Into Your School’s Daily Life
 Classroom Culture  Making Small Groups Work
 Enrollment  Enrollment Management that Works
 Exceptional Learners  Special Education Programs K-12: Models and Possibilities for Special Needs Students
 Governance and Leadership  Archdiocese of Washington Catholic Schools Strategic Planning – Catholic (Data) Wise in Action - Part 1
 iCatholic  iCatholic: Think, Make, Share - A STREAM Playground
 Marketing  Best Practices, Celebrations and Marketing Strategies from National Blue Ribbon Schools
 National Perspective  The State of Catholic Education
 Professional Development   #CatholicEdCamp
 Project/Inquiry Based Learning         Shake Things Up with Makerspace!
 Relational Leadership  Eating Pretzels Out of Your Pocket: Taking Time to Build Relationships
 School Culture  Transform Your School Through Prayer
 School Sustainability  Building the Leadership Pipeline for Catholic Schools
 STREAM  Creating Dynamic STEAM Embedded Instruction with Robotics
 Student Faith Formation  Integrating Theology of the Body in the Classroom K-12
 Sustainability  Creating an Effective Advancement Office from the Ground Floor
 Technology  School Admin Technology Workflow - Improve time and efficiency

Tuesday, April 18   1:30 p.m.
 Track  Session Title
 21st Century Learners       Flipping Your Classroom for All Content Areas
 Adult Faith Formation  Principal Fit: Strategies Designed to Strengthen Novice Principals’ Physical, Mental and Spiritual Fitness
 Assessment  NRT-CRT: A Misleading Dichotomy -- Deriving Multiple Uses and Interpretations from Assessments
 Assessment  The Purpose and Function of Boards in Catholic Schools
 Campus Ministry  The Call to "Be" a Catechist.  What Does That Mean?
 Catholic Library Association  Being a Catholic (and) Librarian in Education: A Survey of CLA Educators
 Catholic Library Association  Bring People in with Book Talks
 Catholic Library Association  Records Management for Religious Communities
 Catholic Social Justice  Service Projects, a Family Experience
 Classroom Culture  Is Homework a Help or Hindrance for Authentic Learning?
 Enrollment  Awaken Greatness Marketing Recruitment ad Enrollment Management Program
 Exceptional Learners  New Directions: Assessing Professional Development Needs to Better Serve Exceptional Learners
 Governance and Leadership              Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), A Primer and Guidance from the U.S. Department of Education                
 iCatholic  iCatholic: Think, Make, Share - A STREAM Playground
 Marketing  Marketing Your School to Millennials
 National Perspective  Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA): What You Need to Know About the New Federal Education Law
 Professional Development  Leading a Catholic Professional Learning Community
 Relational Leadership  Best Practices to Connect and Engage Your Teachers
 School Culture  Empowering and Engaging 9th-12th Grade Parents in the Parish and in the School
 School Sustainability  Mindset Matters: Creating a Culture of Co-accountability among Leaders, Faculty and Staff
 STREAM  Got STREAM? Now What? Becoming Transformative
 Student Faith Formation  Learning Through Song: An Engaging Way to Teach Catholic Prayer to Children
 Sustainability  Pre-K through Ph.D. - How School Leaders & Advancement Officers at Any Level Can Learn to Love Making an Ask  
 Technology  Cracking the Code K-5 Computer Science Anyone Can Learn

Wednesday, April 19   9:15 a.m.
 Track  Session Title
 21st Century Learners  Magic of Coding
 Adult Faith Formation  Hipster Spirituality: How to Catechize This New Generation
 Apple  Enhancing Learning and Teaching Across the Curriculum
 Assessment  The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) and Catholic Schools: Partners in Progress
 Boards  The Board and Strategic Planning
 Campus Ministry  Decisions! Decisions! Christian Morality: Choosing God in Today's World
 Catholic Library Association   Bringing the Archives & Library to the Online Classroom: Catholic Course Content Old & New in Action                                  
 Catholic Library Association   Bringing the Community Home: Consolidation of Religious Community Archives
 Catholic Library Association   Catholic School Libraries: How Do We Fit In?
 Catholic Social Justice  Answering the "WHY?" Helping Students Understand Church Teaching on Respect for Human Life
 Classroom Culture  "Why Do They Do That?" Understanding the Needs and Psychology of the Elementary-Age Child
 Enrollment  A Comprehensive School Data Profile for Strategic Planning
 Exceptional Learners  Ensuring a Place at the Table: Serving the Exceptional Learner in Catholic Schools
 iCatholic  iCatholic: Think, Make, Share - A STREAM Playground
 Marketing  Maximizing School Marketing with Limited Resources
 National Perspective  Federal Education Programs and Benefits for Private School Students and Teachers
 Project/Inquiry Based Learning         Developing Literacy Through Inquiry
 Relational Leadership  The Benefits of Millennial Teachers in Our Catholic Schools
 School Culture  Irresistible Catholic Schools: A Transformative Idea Whose Time Has Come
 School Sustainability  Turning the Tide: Rejuvenating a Failing School
 STREAM  Bees, Owls, and STEAM, Oh My!
 Student Faith Formation  You, Too, Can Develop Interactive Digital Theology Courses
 Technology  Make Your Classroom a Google Classroom

Wednesday, April 19   10:45 a.m.
 Track  Session Title
 21st Century Learners  Create, Communicate, Collaborate and Critically Think - Incorporating 21st Century Skills in the Classroom 
 Adult Faith Formation  At the Heart of the Matter
 Apple  Using Video for Innovative Teaching and Engaging Students
 Assessment  Assess in a Sec!
 Campus Ministry  Ever-Ancient, Ever-New: Teaching Truth to an Apathetic Generation
 Catholic Library Association     Conversations with Aggiornamento Award Recipient Fr. Patrick A. Martin
 Catholic Library Association   Conversations with Jerome Award Recipient Dr. Massimo Faggioli
 Catholic Library Association   Conversations with Katharine Drexel Award Recipient - Gene Luen Yang
 Catholic Social Justice  Laudato Si and Popular Culture
 Classroom Culture  The Responsive School-Classroom Approach: Implementation and Results
 Enrollment  Gather Us In: Admissions, Enrollment and Retention
 Exceptional Learners  (No) Know Differentiation Strategies Really Work! Five Differentiation Strategies You Can Use Monday Morning!                  
 iCatholic  iCatholic: Think, Make, Share - A STREAM Playground
 Marketing   If You Don’t Tell Your Story, Someone Else Will. Creating a Strategic and Effective School Communication Plan
 National Perspective  The National Standards and Benchmarks: A Diocesan Framework for Excellence
 Professional Development  Fun Isn't Just For Kids! Creative & Engaging Professional Development Ideas
 Project/Inquiry Based Learning         Moving from Passive to Active Learning Environments
 Relational Leadership  Catholic Education in the Age of Francis: How to Navigate in Winds Blowing from the Southern Hemisphere
 School Culture  A Total School Vision: Planning to Be Known as Catholic
 School Sustainability  A Case Study in Consolidation
 STREAM  STREAM: The Catholic Intellectual Tradition and New Times and New Measures
 Student Faith Formation  Teaching the Sacraments with a Family Perspective
 Sustainability  Social Media Fundraising - One Day Giving Campaigns and Beyond
 Technology  Virtual Reality with Google Cardboard

Wednesday, April 19   1:30 p.m.
 Track  Session Title
 21st Century Learners       20-Time for 21st Century Learners
 Adult Faith Formation  Ancient Faith for the Modern World
 Apple  Eight Elements for Success
 Assessment  A Practical Approach for Implementing Standards-Based Grading and Reporting
 Campus Ministry  Bridging the Gap: Faith Formation for Special Needs
 Catholic Library Association           Conversations with Regina Medal Recipient David A. Adler
 Catholic Library Association  Demonstrating Library Value Through Interdisciplinary Programming
 Catholic Library Association  Global Sisters: Carrying Out the Church's Social Justice Mission
 Catholic Social Justice  Catholic Identity and Civil War: Pitfalls and Promises
 Classroom Culture  Connect the Dots Between Attitude, Behavior and Self-Esteem
 Enrollment  Revitalizing Catholic Schools Through School Choice
 Exceptional Learners  Universal Design for Learning: Knowledge You Will Flip For
 iCatholic  iCatholic: Think, Make, Share - A STREAM Playground
 National Perspective  Three Things That Yield Results:  What You Need to Know About Implementing the National Catholic School Standards
 Professional Development  Action Research for Teachers: A Model for Instructional Problem Solving in the Classroom
 Project/Inquiry Based Learning            Thinking Skills
 Relational Leadership  Collaborative Leadership: Building a Cabinet of Experts and Sharing the Mission
 School Culture  Meet the Millennial Parents: Communicating with this Generation of Parents
 School Sustainability  We Need School Leaders Prepared to Cultivate Strong, Positive, Intentional Catholic School Culture
 STREAM  UpSTREAM With a Paddle: A Guide to Taking the Apprehension Away From Implementing STREAM Into Your School Curriculum
 Student Faith Formation  'All God's Children'
 Sustainability  School Capital Campaigns
 Technology  Leveraging the Power of Technology in an Elementary Setting

Wednesday, April 19   3:15 p.m.
 Track  Session Title
 21st Century Learners  Virtual Reality in the Classroom Means a Classroom Anywhere in the World!
 Apple  Everyone Can Code
 Assessment  Assessment - Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?
 Boards  "Memo to Board Members: Don't Leave (All) the Driving to Us"
 Campus Ministry  High School Campus Minister Round Table
 Catholic Library Association   Heavenly Hall of Fame
 Catholic Library Association  Hidden in Plain Sight: Neurodiverse Characters in Literature
 Catholic Library Association  Moving Collections: Lessons Learned
 Catholic Social Justice  What Every Educator Should Know about Human Trafficking
 Classroom Culture  Empowering Seniors to Lead Freshmen: The What, When and Why of a Senior-led Freshman Advisory Program
 Enrollment  Strengthening Family and Community Engagement as a Strategy for Student Retention
 Exceptional Learners  Developing a Resource Department in Catholic Schools
 iCatholic  iCatholic: Think, Make, Share - A STREAM Playground
 Marketing  How to Market Your School During Catholic Schools Week & Year-Round Using the Resources and Tools Available Through NCEA
 National Perspective  Integrating the National Catholic Standards and Benchmarks into the AdvancED Accreditation Process
 Professional Development   Teaching to Gender Differences
 Project/Inquiry Based Learning     Student-Centered Learning: Letting the Student Take the Wheel!
 School Culture  Schooling a Soul: Integrating the Religious Essentials of the NSBECS into School Curriculum
 School Sustainability  Understanding Attrition Factors of Catholic Elementary School Principals and How to Mitigate Them
 STREAM  Going with the STREAM Flow:  Planning for the Future of STREAM Implementation
 Student Faith Formation  ESCAPE: A Method to Organize Your High School Religion Curriculum according to the USCCB Framework
 Technology  Helping Teachers and Students Collaborate with Technology

Thursday, April 20   9:30 a.m.
 Track  Session Title
 21st Century Learners   Increase Your Program of Study Bandwidth: Leveraging Online and Blended Learning Programs and Services
 Adult Faith Formation   Principal as Missionary Leaders
 Assessment  Drowning in Data? Just Keep Swimming and Lead Your Catholic Institution Through a Data-Driven Improvement Process
 Boards  Engaging the Board in Building Catholic Identity and Community
 Campus Ministry  The Nuts and Bolts of Student Peer Retreats
 Catholic Library Association   Early Church Fathers and Mothers
 Catholic Library Association     Evangelizing the Imagination: The Power of Parable to Energize Children’s Catholic Faith
 Catholic Library Association  Leadership for Educators and Librarians: A Practical Framework for Excellence
 Catholic Library Association  Library to Learning Commons
 Catholic Social Justice  Bringing the Works of Mercy to Life in Our Catholic Schools
 Classroom Culture  Behavior Management Techniques for Classroom Teachers and Paraprofessionals
 Enrollment  Maximizing Applications With New Admission Programs: Increasing Applicants In A Shrinking Applicant Pool
 Exceptional Learners  Ensuring That English Language Learners Thrive in Catholic Schools: A Three-Strand Approach to Instructing ELLs
 Exceptional Learners  Inclusion Model for the Gifted and Talented Student in a Mixed Ability Classroom
 iCatholic  iCatholic: Think, Make, Share - A STREAM Playground
 Marketing  Collaboration for Common Mission: Use of Social Media Networking to Proclaim
 National Perspective  Let's Collaborate! Building Equitable Services Working Groups
 Professional Development  Twitter 101
 Project/Inquiry Based Learning   Using Anchor Tasks to Ignite Learners: Facilitating Inquiry Based Math Lessons
 Relational Leadership  He Sent Them Out Two by Two: Creating a Successful Evangelization Team with the Pastor & Principal 
 School Culture  Diverse, Urban Schools Implement Virtue-Based Restorative Discipline (VBRD) - Creating a Dynamic Culture of Our Own          
 School Sustainability  The Satelite School Model: New possibilities for small school sustainability
 STREAM  Designing Cross-Curricular Units and STREAM Lessons in Middle School
 Student Faith Formation  Celebrating the Liturgical Year in Your Classroom: Sing a Song of Seasons
 Technology  Google: The Answer to Student Engagement

Thursday, April 20   11:15 a.m.
 Track   Session Title
 21st Century Learners  Blended Learning 101: Flipping Your Classroom makes Teaching Fun!
 Adult Faith Formation  Designing Faith-Filled Professional Development Programs for Faculty and Staff
 Assessment  Using Assessment Data to Meet Standard 8 of the National Standards and Benchmarks and Set Accreditation Goals                
 Boards  12 Principles of Exceptional Catholic School Boards
 Campus Ministry  Building a Campus Ministry Program That Works
 Catholic Social Justice  Faith in Action: Catholic Youth Can Change the World
 Governance and Leadership   Shepherding Talent: An Innovative Program for Aspiring Catholic School Leaders
 iCatholic  iCatholic: Think, Make, Share - A STREAM Playground
 Marketing  Using Social Media to Amplify Your School's Brand
 Professional Development  Crafting Your Professional Learning Network: Tips and Tricks
 Project/Inquiry Based Learning   Interactive Making: Makey Makey, Scratch, Coding and More: Ideas to Energize Your Classroom!
 School Culture  Strengthening Catholic Identity through ACRE, IFG and Classroom Assessments
 School Sustainability  Shifting Governance and Centralizing Operations: A Case Study of the Drexel School System, Diocese of San Jose
 STREAM  STREAM Lessons - Fun Learning in Action
 Student Faith Formation  Conversations with God: Forming Learners Who Pray in Many Ways
 Sustainability  'Just Ask!' The Art of Cultivating and Capturing Successful Donors
 Technology  Free and Simple: Google Classroom as a Teaching & Organizational Tool for Middle School Teachers

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