Presenting Tips

Download the Speaker PowerPoint Template

NCEA 2018 Speaker Information

  • Topics should appeal to a wide range of interests in Catholic education, to a potential audience of 150 or greater
  • Be sure that your session title clearly describes exactly what the session is about and is no more than 10 words in length: please also avoid using acronyms.  NCEA reserves the right to edit session titles.
  • Use active verbs to describe exactly what will occur in the session; use words such as “describe,” “discuss,” “role-play,” and “present.”
  • Describe specific presentation techniques that you will be using; such as interactive, lecture, or multimedia. This way, participants will know what kind of session they will be attending.
  • Indicate whether handouts will be available. Describe what you will be doing in the session and what the participants can expect to leave with.
  • Utilizing the NCEA 2018 mobile app, you are able to upload information about yourself, a copy of your presentation and other handouts as you please for attendees to access before, during or after your session.

Special Note about Internet

While each room will be equipped with a computer and presentation screen, we only have a limited number of rooms that will be wired to the internet.  We do not recommend relying on any WiFi that might be available for presentations.  If possible, download short videos, web pages or other media to a flash drive.  Please note that we will have a mobile app in which you may upload materials for attendees before, during or after the conference.  

If you indicated that your session requires internet access for either yourself or attendees during the submission process, NCEA may reach out to you for more information.  Requesting internet during the submission process does not guarantee a room with hard wired internet. 

Onsite Information

  • Each meeting room is set as follows:  with an LCD projector, screen, PC-based laptop, lectern, microphone, and speakers table.  Absolutely no other AV equipment, furniture or sets will be ordered for the room
  • If you have an Apple computer, you must convert documents to "PC Compatibility" format or bring your computer to the session.  Remember to also bring the correct Apple adapter.
  • AV equipment is not to be removed from the room.  AV technicians will be available for assistance
  • Arrive at least 10 minutes before your session start time. 
  • Don't forget about the NCEA 2018 Mobile App! Download the app to use for yourself and also be sure to update your speaker profile with the instructions sent via email in early March. If you require these instructions be resent, please email Jennifer Stewart at 
  • Please remember to encourage attendees in your session to complete the session evaluation located within the session listing in the mobile app. 
  • Signs, banners and any other forms of decoration may not be attached, glued, taped, nailed or otherwise fastened to any ceiling, painted surface or wall of the convention center. 



Should you have any questions regarding your session please contact Thomas Pigg.