Why Exhibit at NCEA 2020?

The National Catholic Education Association Convention and Expo (NCEA 2020) taking place April 14-16 at Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, MD, is the largest private education association gathering in the world, held in fellowship with the Archdiocese of Baltimore. NCEA invites you to join us for this one-of-a-kind event that brings together Catholic and other religious educators from across the United States, Canada and other countries to exchange ideas and debut cutting-edge research and technologies related to education.

For more information on exhibiting at the largest private education association gathering in the world, please contact Janet Williams at 703-259-6120 Rick Felprin at 703-259-6134.  

   NCEA 2020 Floor Plan     



Academic Resources

Digital/Online Learning


Educational Needs


Professional Services


Art & Music Education, Supplies &Programs 
Bibles/MissalsBooks (Trade & Library)
Classroom Supplies/Equipment/Decorations
Furniture/Seating (School & Library)
Library Books/Resources & Services
Liturgical Music
Missions/Special Apostolates
Print Publications
Religious Education Books/Materials
School Uniforms/Sportswear

Computer Hardware/Internet/Networking

Computer Software (Administrative)
Computer Software (Educational)
Curriculum Management Systems (CMS)
Digital Learning Apps
Foreign Language Learning/Tour Programs
Learning Management System (LMS)
Mobile Learning (Apps)
Online Learning
Web Based Learning

Early Childhood Education

Health/Physical Education
Higher Education
Language Arts/Reading
Social Studies
Special Needs
Talented and Gifted
Youth Programs

Association/ Non-Profit

Audio-Visual, Communication Systems
Career Opportunities/Vocations
Classroom Management
Educational Assessment
English Language Learners (ELL)
Financial Services Fundraising/Incentives/Marketing
One-to-One Platforms
Security & Risk Management
Teacher Education
Tuition Services


Why do Attendees Visit the Expo Hall?

  • To learn about new products and services (79%)
  • To visit particular companies because of their reputation/products (50%)
  • To look for new vendor contacts (33%)
  • To connect with existing relationships (30%)

Attendee Demographics 

  • Teacher (65%)
  • School Administrator (14%)
  • Other Occupation (6%)
  • Diocesan Administrator (2%)

Primary Role of NCEA Educator by Grade Level 

  • Elementary/Primary School (50%)
  • K-12 School (11%)
  • High School/ Secondary School (9%)
  • Middle School (8%)
  • Early Childhood (6%)
  • Other (11%)
  • Diocesan Office (3%)
  • College/University (1%

Catholic school teachers attend the convention and expo because they are looking for new ideas to present to their department chairs and principals about how to improve their school!  65% of NCEA attendees are either teachers who have influence over purchasing decisions or are the administrators who have the final say with regard to purchasing decisions for their schools or Dioceses.  

For more information on exhibiting at the largest private education association gathering in the world, please contact Janet Williams at 703-259-6120 Rick Felprin at 703-259-6134. 

Exhibitor Prospectus
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