Dashboard for Rubric Scoring

The Dashboard for Rubric Scoring (DRS) works in conjunction with the Rubric Scoring Worksheets (RSW). When local school review teams use the Rubric Scoring Worksheet for a particular benchmark, the rubric score they decide on, along with their entries for steps 5 (summarize reasons for rubric score) and 6 (suggest next steps for improvement on the benchmark) are entered into the Dashboard.

After all the benchmarks for a standard have been reviewed and the rubric scores, summaries, and next steps have been entered on the Dashboard, the dashboard will display these on the relevant Standard page and provide the school with additional metrics. When the self-study is completed, the Dashboard will contain the important, distilled information based on the self-study, as it relates to each standard. It will also provide team suggestions for next steps to improve performance. All this “at-a-glance” information will serve as the foundation for a school improvement plan in which the school and the diocese can have great confidence. The DRS is online downloadable in Microsoft Excel format for easy entry, sharing, and saving and it is also easily printed in 8 ½ x 11 format.

Completed samples of Dashboard pages for Standards 1 and 5 are presented as pages in the DRS Excel workbook. The online DRS tool also has a “Tips” page with helpful hints about how to use the tool and an instructional video.

Important Note: Before teams begin using the DRS, each team should agree on a platform of choice (Google docs, a shared server, Dropbox, etc.) that the team will use to save evolving drafts of the DRS and assemble data that the team can access during the self-assessment process.

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