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NCEA Briefs: A Primer on Handling Challenging Parents

How to work with Difficult Parents Using Core Catholic Values as the Catalyst, is the second brief in the Anti-Bullying Survivor Series (ABSS). When an irate, unreasonable parent storms into the office frustrated and begins bullying the school, how do you calm that parent down and persuade him or her to listen and behave like an adult? How do you motivate an irrational parent to work with the school in everyone's best interests? What shouldn't you say to him/her and why, and what should you say and do? This brief is a step-by-step guide on how to transform a tense situation with any parent into an opportunity for a productive, rewarding partnership that enriches the school, the student and the student's family.
Jodee Blanco
April 02, 2018

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