WEDNESDAY: Celebrating the Nation

On National Appreciation Day for Catholic schools, students, families, educators and other Catholic school supporters communicate the value of Catholic education to government leaders. They share information with leaders on the significant contributions Catholic schools make to the nation and their role in preparing students to be good citizens. They pray for the nation and recognize all those who serve.

TIP: As Catholics, we believe that parents have the right to choose the appropriate education for their children, and that they should not be limited in exercising this right due to cost of education. Learn more about how your school can get involved in the conversation about parental and school choice issues at

Ideas for Celebrating the Nation

  • Share school news and events on social media platforms.
  • Submit an article to diocesan and other local newspapers highlighting CSW events.
  • Use Catholic school infographics (found in the Tools and Templates section) to share information about Catholic education.
  • Invite local leaders to your school to share how their Catholic education prepared them for life.
  • Host a flag raising ceremony. Invite members of the community, veteran parishioners and members of your local VFW post. Include both students and community members in the flag raising and the singing of the national anthem. Consider inviting members of the media to cover the ceremony for your local news program or newspaper.
  • Write letters to local government officials to encourage them to issue proclamations in honor of CSW.


  • Ask your students to write letters to your state and federal representatives and let them know how important a Catholic education is to them and their families.
  • Students can research if your state has school choice options. If not, encourage students to research the issue and write letters to state officials and lawmakers asking them to consider enacting school choice options. If your state has this option, students can write thank-you letters stating how Catholic education benefits their lives.
  • Have students create videos to share with local lawmakers that take them on a tour of your school.
  • Students can make a list and compile photos from trips they have taken to cities outside their state. Share them and mark the states and cities on a virtual map for all to see.