Discover Catholic Schools Week Themes

Explore the following daily themes and celebrations in your arch/diocese during Discover Catholic Schools Week 2022.

COVID-19 has made it a challenge to get your schools noticed during Discover Catholic Schools Week. The easiest ways to stay safe and still get noticed is to make good use of social media and your website. Short videos, photos and animated clips can capture the attention of parents, alumni and parishioners. Please tag NCEA on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, plus use the hashtag #CSW22, so we can share your information! Members with Premier membership will be able to create an Enterprise Canva account with the school domain email (e.g., Your enterprise account includes more than 100 million premium stock photos and graphics, 610,000 templates, school branding kits to design and publish materials and gives schools the ability to easily collaborate and share design templates with other NCEA member Catholic schools across the country. Order Catholic Schools Week swag with the new logo and theme at Take advantage of all of the devices you and your colleagues have on hand to continue to get out the word on why Catholic schools are great places of academic excellence and faith-filled mission.

Sunday: Discover With Your Parish

Catholic schools benefit all year long from the religious guidance, prayers and support parishes provide. Many parishes join in the CSW celebration by devoting a Mass to Catholic education.

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Monday: Discover Catholic School Students

Designate this day as a shadow day for prospective students and host a workshop-based open house in the evening. Allow students to discover the school in their own way. Consider dropping the formal school tour and focus on showcasing what makes your school stand out.

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Tuesday: Discover Catholic School Parents

Parents are called to be partners in their children’s education. Bring in experts, offer a platform for discussion and provide resources to parents that offer more than simply explaining the ins and outs of your admissions process.

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Wednesday: Discover Catholic School Educators

Catholic schools are nothing without dedicated educators and administrators. By inviting teachers who have or will teach your students, you can learn what to anticipate, and teachers can learn what expectations will be set.

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Saturday: Celebrating Catholic School Alumni

Catholic school alumni are living examples of your Catholic school product. Whether students have moved on to high school or matriculated into college, a large part of their formation and readiness was established in your school.

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Thursday: Celebrating the Faith-Based Community

Catholic schools are gathering places for families of all faiths. By inviting leaders of different faiths, you are opening up an opportunity for important discussion as well as building ambassadors in their communities to send children to your school.

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Friday: Celebrating Faculty, Staff and Volunteers

Catholic school education is an investment. Families work hard to cover the cost of tuition because they value faith-filled and quality academic formation for their children. Many families rely on financial assistance, scholarship opportunities and development support in order to bridge the gap. Donors are essential to their success. 

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