MONDAY: Discover Catholic School Students

Designate this day as a shadow day for prospective students and host a workshop-based open house in the evening. Allow students to discover the school in their own way. Consider dropping the formal school tour and focus on showcasing what makes your school stand out.

TIP: Involve current students in the planning of this event! They can give insight to what is most important when visiting a school and can showcase their leadership skills by leading events.

Ideas for Discover Catholic School Students

  • Host a fair with mini-lessons and workshops; create a focused day that appeals to the interest of your prospective students such as “Music in the Classroom Day,” “Future Engineers Day,” or “Stepping Stones to College and Beyond Day.” Putting a meaningful title onto the day – instead of a vague “open house” – you can set the tone for the event and build excitement.
  • Provide T-shirts to prospective students with a saying such as “I’m a <insert your mascot here>” or another statement that is shared within your community. Steer clear of saying things like “future” or “prospective” as an active statement means you already consider them a member of your community.
  • Pair visiting students with current students who have similar interests and let your student ambassadors know to share any fun facts they discovered during the visit.



  • If school is in-person, take pics or short videos of students in their favorite places around the school and ask them to say why they enjoy those places. Share the pics and narratives on the school’s website and on social media, using #CSW21.
  • Teachers can post student shout-outs on Zoom and on social media using create templates or animation. Visit Canva’s offerings for ideas and easy to use templates.
  • If teaching remotely, hang a creative school spirit sign behind you and see if any of the students notice.