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The Revised Board Member's Tool Kit


The Revised Board Member's Tool Kit includes resources to develop and sustain the most effective and successful boards so they can continuously orient and educate their board members. Using these resources during annually scheduled retreats and orientation meetings, these 9 essential materials will enable your board to equip your members for success!


    1. Benchmarks of Excellence: Effective Boards of Catholic Education
    2. Glossary of Catholic Education Governance Terms, Revised Second Edition
    3. Code of Ethics for Catholic Board of Education Members*
    4. Board Member's Prayer*
    5. NEW Orientation Checklist
    6. What Makes a Catholic Education Board Catholic Thumbnail
    7. What Does a Catholic Education Board Do? Thumbnail
    8. Duties of an Education Board Member Thumbnail
    9. Conducting Effective Board Orientation Thumbnail

*These publications are printed on card stock and are suitable for framing.


Measuring the Mission: Board Assessment Guidebook

The assessment method presented here provides a reliable guide for using these components to assist Cathlolic elementary and secondary schools to be their best.

Full Title:
Measuring the Mission: An Elementary and Secondary Catholic School Board, Commission and Council Assessment Process Guide Book
James Deneen and Christopher Deneen