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Your School's Catholic Identity

Name it, Claim it, and Build on it.
To name your school's Catholic identity means to identify what it means to be Catholic and why this is so; it is crucial to recognize the theological, evangelical, and ecclesial foundation of your school. Once you've named your school's identity, you need to claim it, that is to recognize what your school has always done and currently is doing because it is a Catholic school. And once you've named and claimed your Catholic identity, you can proudly build on it by expanding and deepeing its significance into every aspect of your school. The three terms in the book's subtitle, name it, claim it, and build on it, guide each chapter. By: Max T. Engel, Ph.D., Barbara Brock, Ed.D., Timothy J. Cook, Ph.D., Ronald Fussell, Ed.D., Jean Louise Hearn, Ed.D., Father Tom Simonds, S.J., Ed.D.
Max T. Engel, Ph.D., Barbara Brock, Ed.D., Timothy J. Cook, Ph.D., Ronald D. Fussell, Ed.D., ...
January 20, 2020

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