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NCEA Briefs: A Primer on Compassionate Discipline

How to Transform Mean Behavior into a Desire to Change, Using Core Catholic Values as the Catalyst. Rehabilitation and redemption, the ability to look inside oneself and want to change requires not just desire but opportunity. As Catholics, we need to lead the charge on creating that opportunity for our students. Traditional punishment is counterintuitive. It only makes an angry child angrier and an insensitive child more sensitive. it is up to us in the Catholic school system to cultivate a new paradigm in behavior modification that helps kids access their empathy and develop it like a muscle. A Primer on Compassionate Discipline redefines the potential for schools to work with students and their parents in co-creating an environment that's kinder, more forgiving and tolerant
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Jodee Blanco
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January 20, 2019
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