Professional Development

High-quality professional development creates a space for NCEA members to share ideas and collaborate in their learning.

Twenty-Second Annual Education Law Symposium
Louisville, KY • July 11-14, 2024

The symposium is co-sponsored by the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) and Loyola Marymount University's Center for Catholic Education. This nationally recognized program offers dynamic presentations on the law as it applies to Catholic education and ministry.

Catholic Leadership Summit (CLS) and New Superintendents Academy (NSA)
Seattle, WA • October 13-16, 2024 (CLS) • October 12-13, 2024 (NSA)

CLS is THE event of the year for leaders in Catholic education at the diocesan and network level! Join us to build relationships with your national peers and be part of the discussion around the big issues of the era. You will find ideas and support in critical areas that will help make you and your schools better! See you in Seattle!

NCEA Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)

Are you interested in joining one of NCEA's online professional learning communities specially designed for aspiring leaders, principals, executive directors of P-8 school systems (networks and consortia) and superintendents? Let us know.

  • Superintendents and Executive Directors: Contact John Galvan, Vice President of Assessments and Engagement, [email protected]
  • Elementary & Secondary Principals: Contact Fr. Tom Simonds, S.J., Director of Secondary Engagement, [email protected]


NCEA Webinars

NCEA webinars cover trending and need-to-know topics relevant to your career in Catholic education.

Upcoming Webinars

SUMMER SERIES: Biomimicry: Inspired by God's Creation - Tuesday, June 25, 2024, 1 PM ET
God is a great engineer!  Let's study his creation! Scientists, engineers and product designers sometimes model everyday things after animal structures. This imitation of nature is called biomimetics or biomimicry.  Animals use different structures for different things.  An example of something in nature (a plant) used to help create an everyday object is a prickly burdock bur getting stuck on fur.  The idea for Velcro came from studying this plant.  There are many animals that scientists could study to help them mimic an animal or plant structure to help them create or improve an everyday item.  God has given us solutions to problems and the answers are all around us. I will discuss the importance of studying God's creation and how we can share this passion with our students.  Students will learn how engineers study God's creation to solve problems and use the engineering process (STEM) to create a solution.

Unlocking Enrollment Success: A Q&A with Catholic Education Leaders - Thursday, June 27, 2024, 3 PM ET
Join us for an insightful panel discussion addressing the most pressing questions from Catholic school administrators about enrollment. This webinar will provide valuable perspectives and practical solutions to help you navigate the challenges of attracting and retaining students.

SUMMER SERIES: Building Resilience in Kids - Tuesday, July 9, 2024, 1 PM ET
Resilience, grit, tenacity, perseverance...where does it come from? How can we, as educators, help grow these traits in our children? Join us for tips, tricks, and discussions on encouraging resilience in the classroom and in life.

SUMMER SERIES: Engaging the Disengagement Dilemma - Thursday, July 18, 1 PM ET
Student engagement is a complex variable with a profound impact on student success. Given its importance, educators are concerned with the growing levels of "disengagement" in their classrooms. Although there are varied descriptions of this concept, the critical questions for any educator include: What contributes to disengagement? And more importantly, how do we intervene? In this session, student engagement and its contributing factors will be defined. Practical, yet tactical strategies for the Catholic school classroom will be explored.

SUMMER SERIES: From Inclusion to Belonging: Lessons Learned on a Continuing 25-year Journey - Tuesday, July 23, 2024, 1 PM ET
Presenters will share experiences from the Diocese of Arlington, VA related to consistent growth in expanded services for students with intellectual disabilities in diocesan Schools.  Opportunities seized and challenges encountered will be covered to give attendees a sense of the diocesan experience over 25 years.  The discussion will focus on the importance of listening, networking, leadership, mindset, and optimizing resources for greatest impact. From only 1 high school offering options for students with disabilities in 2000, there are now 19 (out of 41) schools serving students with intellectual disabilities, including all four of the high schools.

SUMMER SERIES: Creating a Culture of Service Learning - Tuesday, August 6, 2024, 1 PM ET
Offering service-learning opportunities for students at all grade levels helps to create disciples who learn to put their faith into action. This session will explore how and why schools can offer school-wide service projects that students of all ages will enjoy. We will discuss ways our students can be the hands and feet of Jesus.

SUMMER SERIES: Exploring Innovative Educator Pipelines Strategies from Recruitment to Retention - Tuesday, August 13, 2024, 1 PM ET
Recruiting and retaining excellent educators and school leaders is a critical and ongoing issue in our Catholic schools and systems. Building upon the Cultivating Talent report from Boston College (2022), this webinar goes deeper into educator pipelines in Catholic education. The session will provide a guided examination to identify pipeline “leaks,” review research on educator pipelines for thoughtful design of pipelines strategies in your Catholic school or system, and explore innovative recruitment and retention strategies implemented across the U.S. Participants will be introduced to a pipelines diagnostic tool (a resource that participants will have access to for their own use) and concrete examples of policies and practices, collaborating to put strategy into action with a distinctive mission-informed approach. The presenter will share research, resources, and tools and will make all session resources, including the pipelines diagnostic tool, available to participants via a Shared Google Drive folder. This session is intended for Catholic school and system leaders or any educators in Catholic schools and systems working to support human capital and talent strategies.

On Demand Webinars

Summertime: A Space for Reflective Perspective - On-Demand
Summer is a time to put on the brakes and hit the skids, right? Well…not entirely. For educators, this is a time to reflect, prepare and plan. With the time that summer provides, it also offers space for perspective. Reflecting on the 2023-2024 school year, we can ask ourselves: What did we do well? What needs improvement? What would we do differently? How do we know? This is true on both the personal and professional level. On a professional level, depending on our role, we might be considering anything and everything from more engaging approaches to curriculum and instruction to tackling staff changes. On a personal level, it is important to give equal consideration to our unique role as Catholic school educators. Regardless of our role, we are a team of professionals delivering quality education, but we are also each a witness to our students’ religious and spiritual formation. Are we prepared? Join John Galvan, NCEA Vice President of Assessments, for a reflective look on the 2023-2024 school year through the eyes of faith. John will explore current challenges in the transmission of faith and lessons learned as a former Catholic high school religion teacher. This session will be informational and inspirational for Catholic school teachers and site leaders.

SUMMER SERIES: Aligning Catholic Social Teaching to Lived Experience - On-Demand
The seven tenets of Catholic social teaching are core components within the religious curriculum of Catholic schools throughout the United States. How do we integrate these components into an intentional series of lived experiences for our students so they will become more engaged, compassionate servant leaders? Come explore how to identify resources and partnerships within each Catholic school community to develop an aligned set of Catholic social teaching activities for students from elementary school through high school.

How to Make the School Choice Case:  Navigating Educational Pluralism in Catholic Education - On-Demand
Education policy in the U.S. can feel like a combat zone. Tension often runs high between Catholic schools and other schooling options. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. Most democracies support a wide array of schools (religious, philosophical, pedagogical) and help all of them achieve high levels with content-rich curricula. This session will explore strategies to overcome polarization, normalize choice and create a generous space for schools of all types.

The Collaborative Process in Supporting Students in the “New Normal” - On-Demand
Schools have seen a recent rise in issues surrounding student academic achievement, social/emotional growth, and/or behavioral concerns. These issues can often call for a variety of interventions depending on many factors. From a school standpoint, it is beneficial to determine the unique specifics of the situation at hand, identify the most effective intervention strategy, and involve all stakeholders that should be involved. And while schools are seeing much diversity in student needs, there is often equally as great a diversity in family dynamics that may contribute, or at the very least hinder intervention, to these issues. This webinar will be a conversation between Joy Roberts, co-founder of Friendzy, and Eric Frenette, licensed counselor and elementary school principal, on this complex and intricate reality schools face today and some ways schools may be able to confront these issues head on.

Crack the Enrollment Code: Unlock 5 All-Year Marketing and Enrollment Strategies to Boost Retention and Enrollment for Catholic Schools - On-Demand
Wish you could attract and retain more families in your community? Join our webinar, "Crack the Enrollment Code", led by Rebecca Mendoza, Sr. Director of Marketing and Shana Abner, Manager of Product Marketing as they help you analyze effective strategies and discover 5 proven ways to gain traction with re-enrolling and prospective families.

"We Sing" Series: How We Sing: Rehearsal Techniques with Young Singers that foster healthy singing, musicianship, and stylistic authenticity - On-Demand
In this webinar Carling FitzSimmons joins moderator Rudy Marcozzi to consider vocal health and development of young singers and changing voices while exploring liturgical repertory and rehearsal techniques that advance individual and ensemble musicianship and stylistic performance.

Raised in Grace: Made for Wholeness - On-Demand
In this webinar, Sr. John Dominic will discuss Raised in Grace Made for Wholeness. Raised in Grace Made for Wholeness is a way of life or roadmap to aid educators, parents, and caregivers who are entrusted with the essential role of nurturing children through their developmental years. Through the lens of our Catholic faith, these insights from neuroscience can be applied to help us understand why the young mind needs to develop rightly and flourish fully.  Neuroscience helps us see the beauty of gradualness in human development and to recognize how God’s grace received at Baptism sustains us as we journey through life.

Integrating the Arts into the Elementary Classroom, Part II (Math and Language Arts): Pom Poms and Puppets - On-Demand
Join Jean and Carin, your dynamic teacher educators, for the exciting sequel to our previous session!  Dive deeper into the world of integrating the arts into math and language arts with pom poms and puppets and more! Discover more ways to integrate the arts into your curriculum to spark imagination, reinforce concepts, and make learning memorable. Don't miss this opportunity to expand your teaching toolbox and inspire your students in new and exciting ways!

How MTSS Fulfills the Mission of Catholic Schools - On-Demand
Join Dr. Robert R. Zywicki in this insightful webinar as he explores how the Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) framework aligns with and enhances the mission of Catholic schools to provide personalized education and care for each student. Key topics covered include: the importance of MTSS in addressing learning loss due to COVID-19 and ensuring academic success for all students; understanding the three tiers of MTSS and how they relate to Benjamin Bloom's Mastery Learning and John Hattie's Visible Learning research; integrating MTSS into a unified, standards-based curriculum that includes intervention and enrichment for all learners, including ESL/ELL, special education, at-risk, on-grade level, and gifted and talented students; utilizing universal screening tools to identify students' needs and monitor progress; strategies for differentiating instruction and finding time for tiered interventions and enrichment within the school day; incorporating Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) and Restorative Justice practices to address social-emotional learning and behavioral needs; and making MTSS a strategic priority for your learning community to ensure the success of all students. By attending this webinar, educators will gain a deeper understanding of how MTSS exemplifies the Catholic educational philosophy of cura personalis, or care for the whole person, and learn practical strategies for implementing MTSS in their schools to support the academic, social-emotional, and behavioral growth of every student.

Measuring the Heart of Discipleship - On-Demand
Why is the perception and practice piece of religious assessment as important as the knowledge piece? For starters, recent Gallup polls show the decline in membership is steeper among Catholics (down 18 points, from 76% to 58%) than Protestants (down nine points, from 73% to 64%) between 1998 - 2020. What this tells us is that we need to evangelize before we catechize. This webinar will focus on Part 2 of NCEA’s Assessment of Catholic Religious Education (ACRE) for students and the Information for Growth (IFG) for adults. In addition to assessing the “head” knowledge of Catholicism, join John Galvan, NCEA Vice President of Assessments, as he explores the importance of assessing the “hands and heart” knowledge of our faith for it to grow in our Catholic schools and parishes.

Build a Community of Belonging - On-Demand
Creating and maintaining a community of belonging is intentional work that makes a big impact. From hiring to norms creating a culture where everyone is seen, heard, valued, and loved is essential work of building a faith forward school community where all members are recognized as an essential needed part of the whole. Participants will leave this sessions with tools to engage various stakeholders in this work.

Integrating the Arts into the Elementary Classroom, Part 1: Benefits and Beach Balls - On-Demand
Join former classroom teachers turned teacher educators, Jean and Carin, for an engaging session filled with fun and learning! Discover the joys of integrating visual arts, music, drama, and movement into your K-6 classroom. Learn how to captivate your students' minds, bodies, and senses while nurturing the "whole child" approach to education. Don't miss out on valuable tips and insights for fostering student engagement and holistic learning.

Catholic Scouting Creates Community and Encourages Faith-Focused Service in Catholic Schools - On-Demand
Catholic scouting is faith, family and adventure for boys and girls beginning in kindergarten, helping young people grow in their faith and learn how to become good citizens. Join us for a webinar exploring two key topics in Catholic education: fostering student affiliation and promoting Catholic social teaching. Fostering Student Affiliation will cover: (1) How can we effectively connect with students and foster a sense of belonging? (2) What strategies can help in building foundational relationships with all students? and (3) How can we build community and strengthen connections through religious activities, religious emblems, programs and service projects? Promoting Catholic Social Teaching will cover: (1) How can we develop comprehensive service programs that foster students' connection to our Catholic faith? (2) How can these programs make a positive contribution to our communities? (3) How do we keep alive the central tenet of Scouting—service in pursuit of the greater good?

Gen Z and the Future of Religion - On-Demand
Organized religion is at a critical moment. The way religious leaders engage Gen Z today will determine what the future holds for institutional religion.  We know that religion and spirituality are critical for Gen Z to thrive in their physical, emotional and mental health.  Learn how the pathway to revitalizing the church in America is also the pathway to helping our youngest generation flourish.

"We Sing" Series: What We Sing: Using Liturgical Music to Build School Music Curriculum and Develop Parish Choirs - On-Demand
In this webinar  Carrie Elko joins moderator Rudy Marcozzi to examine the ways in which a wide range of liturgical music can be used to build an age-appropriate, student-centric, and faith-based choral curriculum for school music  (K-8, HS) and parish choral programs.  Our discussion will consider vocal health,  pedagogical objectives, effective sequencing, and helical structures that foster retention and growth. 

Serving Students with Disabilities in Catholic Schools Using IDEA and 504 - On-Demand
Empower yourself to fully utilize the range of federal benefits accessible to Catholic school students and educational personnel. Come learn valuable insights, strategies, and practical advice to optimize the potential of available federal programs and what they provide for those who participate. This webinar is designed for all leaders striving to learn more about federally funded education programs that Catholic school principals and superintendents can access for their students and teachers to receive supplemental services designed to enhance learning opportunities. NSBECS Domain: Governance and Leadership, Operational Vitality.

Dive into Data: Exploring NCEA 2023 - 2024 Catholic School Enrollment - On-Demand
The release of the NCEA Data Brief 2023 – 2024: Catholic School Enrollment has become an anticipated report since the pandemic. Catholic school educators, administrators and leaders alike look for the enrollment trend coverage and what that data might mean for Catholic schools. NCEA takes this information and makes it valuable to you by offering a webinar with NCEA President/CEO Lincoln Snyder. The webinar will: compare data from the last couple of years to present; discuss the challenges being met by Catholic schools; highlight the importance of responding to the surveys for the good of all; use the information to highlight Catholic education and what this data means to your school; and answer your questions.

“We Sing” Series: Why We Sing - On-Demand
Carrie Elko joins moderator Rudy Marcozzi to discuss the cognitive, developmental and formational and social benefits of choral and congregational singing in schools and parishes. Together with seminar participants they will explore the ways in which the skills used and developed through singing can transfer and enhance learning and development in all other dimensions of student learning and student life.

Spreading Smiles: Crafting Your Box of Joy with Cross Catholic Outreach - On-Demand
Embark on a journey of compassion and generosity with Cross Catholic Outreach's Tessie O'Dea in our exclusive webinar, 'Box of Joy.' Join Tessie as she shares her passion for making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate through the simple act of packing joy-filled boxes. Gain valuable insights into the impact of these boxes on underserved communities and learn practical tips on creating meaningful and uplifting packages. Tessie O'Dea will inspire you with heartwarming stories and guide you through the process of spreading love and hope. This webinar is your invitation to be a part of something truly special – a movement of kindness and generosity with Cross Catholic Outreach.

Courtship Before Enrollment - On-Demand
Yes, working with parents throughout your admissions process is much like courting someone before making a marriage proposal. Each family's journey is very unique, requiring many personal touch points along the way. Learn to nurture your prospective families by leading them through the stages of courtship, engagement and a long-term commitment to your school. NSBECS Operational Vitality and Mission and Catholic Identity

Unlocking the Secrets: Engaging Your Students with "Escape Rooms" - On-Demand
Step into the world of educational escape rooms and discover how they can help transform your classroom into an immersive and interactive learning environment. Join educators from the Archdiocese of Philadelphia as we explore various types of escape rooms and resources you can bring into your classroom tomorrow. In this presentation, we delve into resources, strategies and techniques behind crafting educational escape rooms that ignite curiosity, foster collaboration, and enhance critical thinking skills. We will examine ways to build the “rooms” using both technology and nontechnical means along with integrating content to create a learning adventure for all levels of students.

Supporting EB/EL achievement in English only and Dual Language Classrooms - On-Demand
Join us for an informative webinar where we will talk about learning in English while learning English—a challenge of every English language learner (ELL). To that end, teachers of ELLs are tasked with helping students who are still learning a language access their progress and learn grade level content. Depending on a student’s English language proficiency level, minor to major scaffolding is used as a means of making content comprehensible. The purpose of this session is to examine how to provide comprehensible input with independent reading opportunities providing additional support for emerging bilingual English learners in English only and dual language classrooms.

Ask the Psychologist: Your Early Childhood Questions Answered - On-Demand
Drawing on a survey of the most pressing issues among Catholic early childhood educators and administrators, Dr. Joseph White, a Catholic child psychologist with over 20 years of experience with preschool and kindergarten children in both private practice and school settings, will answer questions about emotional and behavioral challenges, child development best practices for early education, crisis management, early childhood religious education, and more. Bring your most pressing questions to this webinar, and leave with practical strategies and recommendations!

Listening is Sacred - On-Demand
The decline of institutional trust is the single biggest social trend impacting how people engage with organizations today, but most people don't understand it. Instead, we keep using high-trust tools in a low-trust world. Learn how listening can be the secret weapon for engaging young people around faith in a low-trust environment.

Meet The High Demand for Social and Emotional Programming in Catholic Schools by Maximizing Access to Federal Education Programs - On-Demand
Does your school or diocese participate in federal education programs through equitable services? Friendzy wants to be your partner to help you maximize those funds! Equitable services allow you to receive services to meet the needs of your students and teachers by working through your local school district --- without receiving direct federal funding or grants. It can be hard to keep all the deadlines and paperwork straight! Can you believe it? Now is the time to plan for the next school year! Join Friendzy for an overview of the cyclical process of equitable services and some tips and tools on how to save time by streamlining equitable services. We will also discuss Friendzy's social and emotional programming designed to complement whole students with Scripturally based structures in place while still providing program components that are eligible for federal funding. Together, we can tackle federal programs and bring much-needed services to your students and teachers!

Programs to Support Well-Rounded Educational Opportunities, Safe and Healthy Students and Effective Use of Technology Using Title IV-A - On-Demand
Empower yourself to fully utilize the range of federal benefits accessible to Catholic school students and educational personnel. Come learn valuable insights, strategies and practical advice to optimize the potential of available federal programs and what they provide for those who participate. This webinar is designed for all leaders striving to learn more about federally funded education programs that Catholic school principals and superintendents can access for their students and teachers to receive supplemental services designed to enhance learning opportunities. NSBECS Domain: Governance and Leadership, Operational Vitality.

Understanding Some Roles of Priests in Parish Schools: Defining the School Mission - On-Demand
This webinar will provide participants with an understanding of the parish pastor’s role in a parish school in the key area of defining the relationship between parish, school, and family. This webinar will be valuable for priests, school board members, and any school personnel working with priests in parish schools, especially school principals and aspiring school principals.

Motivating Middle Schoolers - On-Demand
Middle school is a time of great change and development for students. They are going through physical, emotional, and social changes, and they are also facing increasing academic demands. This can be a challenging time for students, and it can be difficult for them to stay motivated. This session will provide educators with strategies for motivating middle school students. We will discuss the different factors that motivate these students, and we will share practical tips for how to create a stimulating learning environment.

NCEA Member Benefits: How Many Can You Name? - On-Demand
Join Wade Marshall, NCEA Vice President of Member Services, for a webinar that explores the practical benefits of an NCEA membership for educators and leaders. Gain access to a supportive network of like-minded individuals, exclusive professional development opportunities and tailored resources for Catholic education. Connect, collaborate and grow with NCEA as we empower you to nurture future generations with unwavering faith and excellence. Join Wade Marshall and unlock the transformative power of an NCEA membership. Together, let us deepen our commitment to the mission of Catholic school education.

Professional Development: Equitable Services Using Title II-A Funds - On-Demand
Empower yourself to fully utilize the range of federal benefits accessible to Catholic school students and educational personnel. Come learn valuable insights, strategies and practical advice to optimize the potential of available federal programs and what they provide for those who participate. This webinar is designed for all leaders striving to learn more about federally funded education programs that Catholic school principals and superintendents can access for their students and teachers to receive supplemental services designed to enhance learning opportunities. NSBECS Domain: Governance and Leadership, Operational Vitality.

Screenagers Under The Influence: Addressing Vaping, Drugs, and Alcohol in the Digital Age - On-Demand Q&A
Please join us to watch the newly released movie, Screenagers Under The Influence: Addressing Vaping, Drugs, and Alcohol in the Digital Age with a Q&A to follow with the directors and producers of the film. Screenagers Under The Influence is the third film in the Screenagers Movie Triology. This movie examines the impact of our digital age on teens' decision-making in relation to substances such as vaping, drugs, and alcohol. The movie explores the latest research and learning more about the personal experiences of teens and families, the film highlights the changing landscape of the substances themselves, offering solutions for how we can best empower teens as they face decisions about what they will and will not be influenced by. After the film, the director/producers will talk about how the movie and its accompanying curriculum can be used in schools and for parent nights.

Partnering with Parents to Teach God’s Design for Friendship - On-Demand
God hardwired us for connection, and He gives us the gift of friendship! Friendships provide fun, joy, laughter and community! That said, relationships can be messy and hard at times. As parents, seeing your children struggle to navigate their friendships can be challenging. These experiences can cause tension and can challenge the parent-teacher relationship. Ultimately, parents and educators strive towards a common goal—to see their students flourish and live out God’s call to love Him and their neighbors as themselves. How can parents and teachers work together to help students navigate friendships through the lens of their faith? Together, we will acknowledge best practices to build a positive partnership between parents and teachers that relies on open, honest, consistent and asset-based communication. Attendees will also receive scripturally based tools to use with their students to foster positive peer-to-peer relationships. Together, we can teach God’s design for friendship and beautifully support our students.

Understanding Some Roles of Priests in Parish Schools: Defining Relationships - On-Demand
This webinar will provide participants with an understanding of the parish pastor’s role in a parish school in the key area of defining the relationship between parish, school, and family. This webinar will be valuable for priests, school board members, and any school personnel working with priests in parish schools, especially school principals and aspiring school principals.

The Priest in the High School - On-Demand
Due to its popularity, NCEA is happy to announce that the Catholic Education Foundation has assembled another team of seasoned priests to discuss the roles a priest could play in the life of a high school: administrator, chaplain, department chairman, and teacher. Practical suggestions will be offered, along with potential "job" descriptions; questions from viewing participants will also be entertained. This presentation is intended for priests and any school personnel working with priests and bishops looking to assign a priest to the high school apostolate. NSBECS Domain: Mission and Catholic Identity and Governance and Leadership.

Finding Wellness in the Midst of the Advent Season - On-Demand
Ensuring the emotional well-being of teachers and students is paramount as they embark on their learning journey. In Catholic schools, we embrace a unique opportunity to care for the whole person, with emotional health and well-being forming foundational aspects of our mission. Admittedly, this time of year is marked by hustle and bustle, often accompanied by feelings of busyness and stress, both in our personal and professional lives. However, it is also a season of incredible rejoicing and anticipation. Let us intentionally embrace the joy and peace that the Advent season brings amidst the chaos. In the throes of our responsibilities, it is crucial to prioritize our well-being. Rest, resilience, taking ownership of our mental and emotional health and expressing gratitude are proven practices that empower us to find calm and resilience in the face of stressors. This Advent season, let us commit to focusing wholeheartedly on the imminent arrival of Christ, opening our hearts to the profound lessons He has in store for us.

United in Faith and Community: Make the Most of CSW - On-Demand
Wondering how to make a roaring success out of Catholic Schools Week (CSW), January 28 - February 3, 2024?  Don't miss this webinar which offers up how to best use the CSW Marketing Kit, make unique connections to the daily themes and, finally, tried-and-true tips to borrow and make your own that can absolutely work at your school. Put it all together and you'll have a successful CSW celebrating all the reasons your school and Catholic education is exceptional!

Effective Boards are Rarely Bored: The Role of Boards in Catholic Schools - On-Demand
This session will provide an overview of boards (NSBECS Domain 2 Governance and Leadership) focusing on Standard 5 which states: “An excellent Catholic school has a governing body (person or persons) which recognizes and respects the role(s) of the appropriate and legitimate authorities, and exercises responsible decision-making (authoritative, consultative, advisory) in collaboration with the leadership team for development and oversight of the school’s fidelity to mission, academic excellence, and operational vitality.” This webinar will highlight the various types of boards and review some of the benchmarks that will help schools measure the effectiveness of boards. It will also look at the value of committees in the work of boards and the subsequent positive impact on Catholic schools.

Mid-Season Boost: 5 Marketing Tips for Enrollment for Catholic Schools and Diocese - On-Demand
It’s mid-season and you review your enrollment numbers – only to realize you are falling short of your goals. What can you do to boost enrollment over the next few months? In this webinar, we will give five tips to help you analyze what’s working and what’s not, as well as dive into ways you can gain traction and engage with prospective families within your community. Join us for this information-packed session to elevate your school’s enrollment efforts immediately.

Strategies for Restorative Family-Centered Catechesis - On-Demand
Faith blooms when nourished in the home. However, instituting new patterns and faith-filled routines can be a challenge for families who are new, recently returning or out of synch in their practice of the faith. This presentation reviews strategies for engaging the whole family in restorative family-centered catechesis.

Serving Vulnerable Populations Using Title I for At-Risk Students and Title III for Serving English Language Learners - On-Demand
Empower yourself to fully utilize the range of federal benefits accessible to Catholic school students and educational personnel. Come learn valuable insights, strategies, and practical advice to optimize the potential of available federal programs and what they provide for those who participate. This webinar is designed for all leaders striving to learn more about federally funded education programs that Catholic school principals and superintendents can access for their students and teachers to receive supplemental services designed to enhance learning opportunities.

Be the I in Evangelize - On-Demand
Catholic School teachers and principals! Embrace your mission to be intentional, invitational and inspirational agents of evangelization to students.  Foster the ABCs of Catholic Identity: (A) Accentuate the Positive. (B) Bring a BE-Attitude to Ministry. (C) Cultivate a Culture of Community.  This presentation will offer practical, easy-to-replicate ideas. (NCEA Publication: Embrace the Mission: Be the “I” in Evangelize).

Grow Your Teachers’ Knowledge of Catholicism with NCEA’s IFG - On-Demand
Do you want to know what your teachers really know when it comes to Catholic beliefs and practices? Mission is essential in Catholic education, and it is the expressed responsibility of everyone on campus to share in it. To get a baseline understanding of your teachers’ knowledge and beliefs surrounding our Catholic faith, explore NCEA’s Information for Growth (IFG) for adults. John Galvan will host this overview of IFG’s capacity to raise your school’s capacity in meeting its Catholic educational mission.

From Clicks to Consequences: Addressing the Silent Epidemic of Cyberbullying - On-Demand
Join Neptune Navigate's webinar to learn about Cyberbullying and how to address it. Neptune Navigate Chief Navigator, Christina Jontra, will cover what Cyberbullying is, its impact, and share some important statistics. You'll also gain insights into its effects on mental health and the different roles that are played in Cyberbullying. Christina Jontra will provide practical strategies for dealing with Cyberbullying, including the importance of trusted adults and a five-step plan. Plus, she'll talk about how to prevent Cyberbullying through responsible online behavior and understanding relevant laws.

Utilizing Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design to Enhance School Safety - On-Demand
The session will introduce the basic principles of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) and how implementing these principles contributes to a safe and secure school environment. Realistic application suggestions for existing campuses buildings will be shared with emphasis on cost-effective strategies. The foundational concepts of CPTED are Natural Surveillance, Natural Access Control, Territorial Reinforcement, and Maintenance / Management. Supporting these concepts are the components such as celebrated entrances, landscaping, wayfinding, traffic control, fencing, and lighting. This webinar is designed for all leaders striving to improve campus safety and security.

The Tech Playbook - On-Demand
Every classroom needs an effective game plan! In this session, learn the do’s and don’ts of classroom tech and how to easily integrate tech into the everyday classroom. Together, we will learn the best practices for using your tech in the classroom and how to use your devices to create effective and interactive lesson ideas, projects, and more.

Exploring New Federal Guidance Documents to Assure More Equitable Services in Federal Programs - On-Demand
Empower yourself to fully utilize the range of federal benefits accessible to Catholic school students and educational personnel. Come learn valuable insights, strategies, and practical advice to optimize the potential of available federal programs and what they provide for those who participate. This webinar is designed for all leaders striving to learn more about federally funded education programs that Catholic school principals and superintendents can access for their students and teachers to receive supplemental services designed to enhance learning opportunities.

Lead Like Jesus: Attempting To Emulate Christ as a Teacher and Principal - On-Demand
Do you ever experience feelings of loneliness in Catholic leadership? Whether you're a principal, educational leader or classroom teacher, it's not uncommon to feel alone on the walk. Take solace in that Christ himself can relate to us as an educator and a leader. In the gospels, Christ is referred to as "rabbi" more than 15 times. So, what can we learn from the world's greatest teacher? How can we continue the movement of Catholic education while avoiding the detrimental effects of burnout? Leading like Christ involves:

  • Reflecting on Christ as our primary teacher
  • Embracing our roles as teachers as a vocation
  • Meeting at the table
  • Embracing our school families as partners
  • Modeling a servant’s heart 
  • Embracing joy
  • Clearing the path for our teachers and learners

Take a moment to reflect, refresh and fully embrace your calling to discipleship.

Become What You Receive: Centering Your School's Catholic Identity in the Eucharist - On-Demand
In 2021, before the USCCB announced 3 years of Eucharistic Revival, our Catholic school in Washington State embarked on a year- long deep dive into our Eucharistic identity. In the process, we became a Eucharistic community, recognizing Christ in one another. In this session you will receive practical tips and resources for monthly school-wide themes and prayers, planning a Eucharistic procession and coordinating monthly school Holy Hours with Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. These activities will work well with students from PreK through high school.

Teaching Faith Across the Grade 6-12 Curriculum and Programs - On-Demand
Teaching the Catholic faith is everyone’s job in a Catholic school. This webinar will provide practical ideas about how to teach the Catholic faith across all disciplines and school programs. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss their own ideas.

Laudato Si' and Climate Action at Your High School - On-Demand
Join us for a webinar to learn about the resources available for your classrooms and your high school students regarding Laudato Si' and Climate Action. This webinar will highlight the upcoming School Resource Toolkit and training sessions offered by the Catholic Climate Covenant.

From Hospice to Hope: Leading a School Culture That Inspires! - On-Demand
Culture eats strategy every single time! So before you as the school leader and your board, get too deep into strategic plans, enrollment goals, and capital campaigns, have you asked yourself if your school has a culture that is receptive to your strategies? Aligning your leadership to the habits, attitudes, beliefs, and expectations of your culture will make THE difference.  Bring your school leadership skills to a new level and become a culture warrior that leads with your mission, vision, and values in mind.

Ignite Success: Mastering the Day of Giving to Catholic Schools – On Demand
Maximize your donations for Many Gifts One Nation: A Day of Giving to Catholic Schools, November 14 - 15, during Discover Catholic Schools Week (DCSW). Ignite Success: Mastering the Day of Giving to Catholic Schools webinar will be August 30 at 3 PM ET. The webinar is designed for Catholic schools looking to use the Day of Giving, November 14 – 15, noon to noon ET, to make a positive impact on your school’s fundraising efforts.

Wholemakers: Empowering Youth and Teens for Creation Care – On Demand
Youth and teens are concerned about a future threatened by a changing climate and long for a spirituality and ethic that lives in harmony with all members of God’s creation. This webinar will introduce the Wholemakers curriculum, a free resource for teachers, social action directors, parish youth, young adult leaders, and others to engage high school youth in Catholic social teaching on climate action. The curriculum includes videos, readings, reflections, prayer, and action steps to mobilize climate action at the local level. 

Student Achievement Through Gamification and Game-Based Learning – On Demand
The coursework is the game and the students are the players! Teachers will develop strategies to move the classroom from teacher centered to student centered. Methods include creating and selecting educational games that are best suited for your content, your grade level, and your students’ unique interests and needs.

Using NSBECS for Continuous Improvement – On Demand
This webinar will share specific ways to use the National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools (NSBECS) Second Edition for continuous school improvement in each of the four domains.

A Brief Overview of NSBECS Second Edition – On Demand
This webinar will briefly share what changed with the National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools (NSBECS) Second Edition, what stayed the same, and the timeline for the revised tools.

The Science of Reading for Leaders: Helping Your Teachers Shift Instructional Practice – On Demand
In an exclusive webinar designed for administrators, NWEA literacy experts Beth Praska and John Luke Bell, will lead an engaging, research-based exploration of the science of reading. They will also walk through strategies to build buy-in, level up and expand a team’s instructional practices, and sustain the change.

The In's and Out's of Dyslexia: Instructional Adaptations – On Demand
We are blessed to be experiencing a time in our educational careers when we are learning about dyslexia and the neurological impact that dyslexia has on reading, writing, and social interactions. This session will address the identification process, ways to partner with families, and strategies to implement for academic success in our Inclusive Catholic environments. 
NSBECS Domain: Academic Excellence

Dealing with Difficult People and Difficult Conversations for Teachers – On Demand
Any and every educator inevitably has the challenge of dealing with difficult people and conversations, and the best know how to effectively manage these situations with adept skill and wisdom. Whether a parent, or student, being prepared to deal with difficult situations with strategies that work provides a big advantage including a little less stress and a lot less damage control. In this session, we will share practical guidance to navigate these challenges successfully.

2023 School Choice Snapshot - On Demand
The 2023 legislative session has yielded massive success in expanding school choice opportunities for families across the nation. New programs, expanded eligibility, and a rise in parent awareness are providing more opportunities than ever for parents to choose Catholic schools for their children’s education. This webinar focuses on where school choice currently stands, what is on the horizon, and the role school leadership and personnel play in impacting student opportunities to learn in the educational environment that best fits their needs.
Content Provided by American Federation for Children

Dyslexia: What every educator should know about the most common learning disability - On Demand
Literacy experts, Drs. Tiffany Peltier and Cindy Jiban, host an engaging, evidence-based webinar on the ins and outs of dyslexia. The hosts share recent research findings, detail how screenings available in MAP Reading Fluency can support young readers, and provide strategies for helping colleagues and caregivers better understand this common learning disability.

More Math Workshop – On Demand
Come join the fun as we discuss and "play" with more math workshop resources! Help students master content in your math classroom with engaging and rigorous resources. Come to the session ready to learn and interact with other math educators and leave with activities you can implement in your classroom immediately!

Pray More, Stress Less: How Prayer Helps Alleviate Stress – On Demand
Students have higher levels of stress and anxiety than ever before. With a decrease in religious affiliation but an increase in spirituality, there is a clear hunger for purpose, peace, and the pursuit of true happiness. Without faith, these are hard to come by. Learn about the intersection of prayer and stress and how educators can use their time in the classroom to help students in their search for fulfillment.

Ten Ways to Bring the Faith to Life in the Elementary Classroom – On Demand
Are you looking to bring the faith to life for your upper elementary students? In this session, I'll share ten ways you can help students explore their faith and build community within the classroom. From bringing in the right guest speaker to teaching with the saints, I'll give you all the tips and tricks that have worked in my classroom. You'll leave with a toolbox full of resources and ideas to implement when you return to school. 
NSBECS Domain: Mission and Catholic Identity

Dealing with Difficult People and Difficult Conversations for Administrators – On Demand
Any and every leader inevitably has the challenge of dealing with difficult people and conversations, and the best know how to effectively manage these situations with adept skill and wisdom. Whether staff, a parent, or student, being prepared to deal with difficult situations with strategies that work provides a big advantage including a little less stress and a lot less damage control. In this session we will share practical guidance to successfully navigate these challenges.
NSBECS Domain: Governance and Leadership

Proper Pastoring of Parishes and Schools - On Demand
Enjoy a preview of this annual (and popular) seminar with Fr. Peter Stravinskas and Lincoln Snyder as they delve into the details of what it takes for priests to be good pastors of their parishes and their Catholic schools.  There is plenty of guidance on the proper pastoring of church flocks; now priests can add the proper pastoring of school flocks into the fold.

Middle School Mayhem – On Demand
Despite heroic teacher efforts, Covid adversely affected school socialization. If immaturity, lack of focus, impulsivity, lack of accountability, and disruptive behavior impede class productivity in your school, this session is for you! Learn how one Middle School reversed the Covid effect and equipped students to increase self-control, heighten autonomy, and become industrious learners. 
NSBECS Domain: Academic Excellence

Embracing the Chaos of STREAM Learning Through Literacy - On Demand
Who doesn't love a little bit of chaos in life? In this session, participants will discover how to embrace STREAM learning (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, Math) in the PreK-12 classroom and how to use read-aloud books, stories, and sample units to weave literacy into the push for cross-curricular STREAM lessons. Participants will explore texts at various levels and be guided to create similar units. 
NSBECS Domain: Academic Excellence 

Burning Up Instead of Burning Out: Strategies to Tackle Educator Fatigue - On Demand
As an educator, do you find yourself struggling to keep up with the demands at school while trying to maintain your own physical, emotional, and intellectual health? You're not alone. According to a recent study, over 80% of educators and school leaders report feeling overwhelmed on a daily basis.

This webinar will explore the following topics:

  • Techniques to manage stress and strategies for maintaining harmony between your personal life and work.
  • The importance of self-care, including exercise, nutrition, and rest, as well as resources for incorporating these practices into your daily routine.
  • Ways you can keep your intellectual spark alive through new teaching strategies, collaboration with colleagues, and your own ongoing professional development.

“O Antiphons": An Inspiring Musical Alternative to Your Advent Concert or Lessons & Carols - On Demand
Inspired by the work of Grammy-winning choral ensemble Conspirare, this annual and well-loved contemplative Advent musical offering at St Louis Catholic Church in Austin, Texas, is an alternative to Advent concerts or the traditional Lessons and Carols. Echoing a “collage” style of programming-readings, poetry, solos, and choral music are woven seamlessly together to reflect the sequence of the O Antiphons. Now in its 7th year, this chapel-filling musical offering is a highlight in the Advent season of the St. Louis musical community. This webinar will offer creative and practical ideas to bring this program to your parochial school. Rick Gabrillo, former Director of Sacred Music at St. Louis and creator of the O Antiphons series, will lead this webinar and present the history of the O Antiphons musical offerings, as well as the thought process and inspiration which guides the programming each year. Examples from past offerings will be presented and analyzed.

Healthy Habits - On Demand
Interested in helping your students create healthy habits? Join licensed counselor, Sr. Josephine Garrett, and Hallow Co-founder, Alessandro DiSanto, for a discussion on creating healthy habits and the large part it plays in pursuing true happiness. Sr. Josephine will provide practical tips and activities to help your students reflect on their current habits and set goals for improving and creating new ones!

Strategy + Data: Improve Enrollment and Drive Long-Term Growth - On Demand
Learn how your school can bring together strategic vision, people, and technology together to create a better experience for parents and students, while streamlining the admissions process. Implement technology and get people trained and motivated. Focus on parents and students, and create a convenient, positive experience. Innovate the entire admissions and enrollment process. Use data, metrics, and marketing to build stronger relationships and drive growth. There are several ways to improve enrollment and there are many valuable metrics. It starts with knowing each phase of your prospective students' journey. Data can serve as the dashboard for their journey as long as you have it, understand it and tie it together. This session will provide a very simple way to develop enrollment goals for your programs. Utilizing an applicant tracking system combined with experienced coaching, participants can build a plan that is doable, trackable, and simple.

The Science of Learning to Read: Our Children and Teachers Deserve Perfect! - On Demand
Throughout the country, the Science of Reading has dominated the educational landscape, leading educators to seek valid and reliable information regarding reading instruction. Danielle Sullivan, Curriculum Associates National Director, will lead a discussion about how the Science of Reading impacts effective reading instruction in elementary schools. In addition, Danielle will introduce Catholic school educators to Magnetic Reading Foundations, an Ed Reports all-green, perfect scores, foundational skills program.

Play-based Learning Strategies - On Demand
Research shows that children learn best through play. Have you ever thought, “What would people think if they saw my students playing all day?” During this session, Stefanie Horgan and Susan Netko will introduce ways to implement play-based learning strategies using purposeful play and intentional instruction designed to meet the diverse needs of all students. Strategies include center play, small and large group ideas promoting learning across all domains, and unplugged activities that can safely introduce technology to younger student that can be easily integrated into your current classroom practices.

Media Literacy - On Demand
Join us for an engaging webinar with Christina Jontra from Neptune Navigate on the topic of Media Literacy. In today's digital age, students are bombarded with a multitude of media messages from various sources, such as social media, news outlets, and advertising. The ability to navigate and critically analyze these messages is crucial in developing informed and responsible citizens. Media literacy skills help students understand how media works, its impact on society, and how to consume, create and share media in an ethical and responsible manner.

Virtue Education Taught from a Catholic Perspective - On Demand
Sr. John Dominic Rasmussen will discuss how virtue education taught from a Catholic perspective is foundational for character formation as well as social-emotional learning. The basis is to extend into daily educational and development life the sanctifying grace that was given to each child upon the reception of the sacrament of Baptism. The living of a virtuous life aligns with important discoveries in neuroscience. Interpersonal neurobiologists (Siegel & Bryson, 2018) have identified four qualities that must be explicitly nurtured for a child to be open, receptive and engaged with their learning environment during development. These four qualities: balance, resilience, insight and empathy are remarkably in line with the moral virtues of temperance, fortitude, prudence and justice. The integrated virtuous life is the bedrock for character formation in school while instilling a stronger Catholic identity in students and every person within the learning community.

I Manage Me - On Demand
We experience emotions throughout each and every day. Sometimes those emotions might feel good like when we feel happy, excited, and loved. But sometimes our emotions might feel big, unpleasant, and out of control like when we feel angry, frustrated, or jealous. God gives us emotions, and He also gives us the capacity to manage our emotions in healthy and productive ways. During this webinar, we will discuss the connection between our brain and our emotions, and we will dive into how the brain responds when we experience emotions. We will discuss the value in identifying emotions and also will share practical tools you can use right away that can help your students to better manage their emotions rather than be managed by them.

Making Every Class Catholic - On Demand
This workshop will explore the foundations of curriculum permeation (sometimes also called Catholic Academic Integration), showing that every class can and, in a Catholic school, should be taught from a Catholic point of view. Examples from a variety of school subjects will help teachers to imagine permeating the curriculum in their own classrooms.

Concierge Service in Enrollment Management: How FACTS Is Changing the Landscape - On Demand
Is your school struggling with limited time and resources to stay abreast of enrollment best practices and effectively nurture your prospects? FACTS is changing the landscape by providing concierge service and professional development for Admissions & Enrollment offices. Combining software solutions AND enrollment management training is a winning combination for your bottom line, and the experience for your families. Learn why admissions and enrollment professionals are raving about the benefits!

NCEA Rise: We Have the Data...Now What? - On Demand 
We all know that Catholic schools and parishes are too often short on resources. This includes the precious resource of time, and in some cases, resource in expertise. When we receive comprehensive, school/parish-wide datasets, we need both time and understanding in answering the critical question: Now what?! This NCEA Rise webinar for Catholic schools and parishes will walk you through the “Now what?” of your ACRE results. In addition to your PDF ACRE Reports, John Galvan (Vice President of Assessments) will dive deeper into how the new online dashboard can save you time and energy in identifying actionable steps to advance your Mission and Catholic Identity. Learn how ACRE can inform your school’s achievement in meeting the National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Schools (NSBECS). Discover how ACRE assists in curricular and programmatic decisions for the school, parish and diocese. NCEA Rise can help!

Using Choral Repertoire to Train Your Choristers - On Demand 
Choir directors consistently struggle with finding time to train singers in theory, sight singing and musicianship, while still having ample time to prepare the choral repertoire. Dr. Lucas Tappan will offer practical tips on growing your choral program, engaging young singers and moving them from beginners to fully proficient singer/musicians, using the repertoire unique to your choir.

Making the Grade: Standards-Based, Traditional or Both? - On Demand
We understand that Catholic schools have an essential obligation to provide students with more than just a rigorous academic curriculum. Research has shown that educators can accelerate students’ mastery of learning standards through meaningful and appropriate feedback while experience has proven implementation and buy-in from stakeholders to be common challenges. While discussing common grading systems utilized in K-12 schools from standards-based to traditional and hybrid grading, Kendell will share:

  • How different grading scales communicate student performance
  • The meaning that grades carry, whether points or standards-based
  • Student motivation — is it tied to a specific grading policy?

This webinar will be presented by Kendell Hunter, Otus Product Marketing Manager, who has extensive experience working directly with Catholic schools.

Kerygma, Christian Anthropology and Missionary Discipleship: Forming Catholic School Students to Change the World - On Demand
In this webinar, catechetical author and child psychologist Dr. Joseph White will discuss three themes from the Vatican’s new Directory for Catechesis that have transformative implications for Catholic schools. How can rediscovering the kerygma (the core message of Jesus Christ) help students see the need in their lives for Christ and the Church? How can a Christian Anthropology (a Catholic view of the human person) help Catholic schools educate the whole person and build a strong Catholic identity? How does forming missionary disciples prepare students not only to know their faith, but to live it? Join us as we explore practical ways to integrate kerygma, Christian Anthropology and missionary discipleship into our K-12 religion programs so we can form students to transform the culture.

Creating a Culture of Emotional Support and Care: Practices and Habits of Care That Foster a Nurturing School Culture - On Demand
Now more than ever, we are more aware of the need for and the impact of social and emotional health on learning. Friendzy has developed resources for use by school leaders and teachers to nurture a climate and culture of care. As instructional leaders, it is as essential to ensure students (and teachers) are emotionally well cared for as they embark on learning. In Catholic schools, we are keenly positioned to care for the whole person, and emotional health is a foundational part of this work. Intentionally checking in and modeling care will create a culture of trust where all feel supported and can flourish together.

A Personalized Plan for Every Catholic Student - On Demand
Effective interventions and progress monitoring are two critical components of Catholic school education — that's why every student deserves a personalized education plan to guide them toward academic, behavioral, and social-emotional goals. Otus Plans allows educators to track, monitor and support students as they work toward goals and ensure every student has what they need to be successful. Join Otus for a special webinar where you’ll learn:

  • How personalized plans can be used to meet students where they are and accelerate growth outcomes
  • How to monitor student progress on a multitude of goals
  • How to track and view student progress with status updates, comments, time stamps, and more

Dr. Keith Westman, Otus Chief Operating Officer, will present this webinar. Keith has extensive experience working directly with Catholic school leaders to maximize student growth.

Digital Citizenship 101 - On Demand 
This “Digital Citizenship 101” webinar reveals the “why” behind the importance of teaching students of all ages to be smart and stay safe online. By teaching children early – and reminding teens and adults consistently – how to behave responsibly online, you can help keep them safer in the digital world. Neptune Navigate’s online Digital Citizenship program provides Biblically-integrated content that is 100% turnkey and makes teaching Digital Citizenship easy.

2022-2023 Catholic School Enrollment Update - On Demand
Join Lincoln Snyder, NCEA President/CEO, and Annie Smith, NCEA Vice President of Research and Data, to learn about significant trends in enrollment, schools and staffing in Catholic schools for the 2022-2023 school year.

IDEA: Serving Students with Disabilities in Catholic Schools - On Demand
Make the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) work for your students! This presentation will provide an overview of the IDEA and the accompanying regulations. The focus will be on the implementation of the law and regulations as they apply to the inclusion of Catholic school students and ways to maximize their participation. Time for questions and answers will be provided.

Using Technology to Protect Our Youth - On Demand
Using technology to protect our youth in school. School shootings are becoming more and more common. What are some tools that play a huge role in preventing attacks like these from happening? Archangel Education + Technology's Marketing Director, Gabrielle Dawkins, along with a Lenovo Thinkshield Specialist, Gregory Tan, share the latest tools that can be used to help keep students safe while at school. During this webinar, we discuss tips and tools that teachers and administrators can use to stay ahead in the world of ever-changing technology.

Strengthening Well-Being and Building Resilience - On Demand
Presenter Jan Powers will share this evidence-based tool for school counselors to strengthen their own well-being while also strengthening resilience in their school community. Description of the model will be followed by time to explore its usefulness through discussion in small breakout groups. It is Jan’s hope that participants enjoy the collaborative process of learning the model while also learning how it has been used by her and others in school settings.

Streamlining Data Across Your Diocese - On Demand
Join Rebecca Haghighi and Sam Rosenfeld as they show how schools are streamlining data to solve the problems they are facing. Whether it's finding enrollment numbers, how many students are leaving schools or how many late payments there are, data is key in getting the answers schools need. Sponsored by Community Brands.

The Personalization of Learning - On Demand
Every student is unique; how they synthesize information, apply knowledge and express who they are as learners. The doors and windows to the world become more open and accessible when students are allowed to place a personal stamp on their learning experience. During this session, we will explore ways in which students can become teachers in their own right and explore their interests while still meeting the curriculum requirements. We will discuss how modern technology can be utilized in the classroom to increase accessibility to all types of learners. Sponsored by Archangel Education + Technology.

DEALS 2020: Survey of Catholic School Superintendents - On Demand
Join NCEA Vice President of Public Policy Sister Dale McDonald, PBVM, Ph.D., and Gerald Cattaro, Fordham University Graduate School of Education Center for Catholic School Leadership Director/Professor, for a webinar on the updated survey DEALS 2020: Survey of Catholic School Superintendents. Catholic schools require strong, well-qualified diocesan leaders with the needed expertise to successfully lead the schools. NCEA and Fordham University collaborated in the creation of the DEALS Survey in 2005 to obtain a national profile of the Catholic school superintendency. Similar surveys followed in 2009, 2015 and 2020 that provide a longitudinal assessment of the changing demographics of those who lead diocesan systems of education, the issues that challenge superintendents and dioceses and provide some recommendations for future action.

Learning About Catholic School Students' Post-Pandemic Academic Performance - On Demand
Join Bill Ward from the National Center for Education Statistics and Mike Fassbach from the NAEP Support and Service Center at Westat to learn about Catholic school students' post-pandemic academic performance. Bill and Mike will present results from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) 2022 assessments comparing Catholic school and public school student performance in fourth and eighth grade mathematics and reading.

State of the Association - On Demand
Join Lincoln Snyder as he shares the state of NCEA 2021-2022. Find out NCEA's financial status, where time is being invested and how NCEA is responding to current trends in Catholic education. This session is an encore presentation from the final day of CLS 2022 in Arlington, Virginia.

Advent-ures with Technology: Seamlessly Integrate Technology into the Advent Season - On Demand
Join Stefanie Horgan and Kayla Dellinger as they share new and innovative ways for making the Advent season come alive. The use of green screens for writing prompts, hyper-docs, interactive Advent calendars, and STEM activities are just a few of the lesson ideas that will be provided. Sponsored by Archangel Education + Technology.

Greatest Hits Collection: Events, Resources and Activities for Teaching Young People SEL Skills - On Demand
Join school counselor Christine Gibson for a webinar in which she will share her “Greatest Hits Collection,” the events, resources and activities that have proven most successful in teaching young people the social and emotional learning skills that they need. This webinar is intended for counselors in grades K-12 with a little something for everyone! Come with a list of your own “Greatest Hits” to share with your colleagues from around the country.

Engaging Sacred Music Repertoire for All Feasts and Seasons - On Demand
One of the most significant keys to a successful youth choral program is the programming of repertoire that is both profound and engaging. Re-energize your children's choirs with exciting repertoire ideas for Feast days, concert programs, and school/parish events. Esteemed music educator Suzanne Fleming-Atwood will present an essential repertoire list of works for both choir and classroom which follows the liturgical calendar, and she will detail innovative ways to incorporate these pieces into your classroom and rehearsals.

E-Rate Is for Everyone! - On Demand
Join this webinar to learn how to obtain significant discounts for affordable broadband internet access and telecommunications services for every classroom. The E-Rate program is administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) under the direction of the Federal Communications Commission. Participants will become familiar with the steps to complete the E-Rate application process successfully. Time will be provided for Q&As. (NSBEC Standard 10, Operational Vitality)

Help Session for Pastors with a Catholic School - On Demand
In this webinar, a panel of veteran pastors will discuss the big picture for working with a Catholic school. The panelists will cover how to manage a Catholic school effectively, with topics including school personnel, faculty faith formation and financial issues. Panelists will also discuss the annual workshop for school pastors. If you are a priest with a Catholic school, or a school administrator supporting a priest in his engagement with a Catholic school, don’t miss this webinar hosted by Father Peter Stravinskas, president of the Catholic Education Foundation and NCEA President/CEO Lincoln Snyder, with a special greeting from Bishop Thomas Daly, Bishop of the Diocese of Spokane and Chairman of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) Committee of Catholic Education!

Working as a Priest in a Catholic High School - On Demand
In this webinar, a panel of priests will discuss working in a Catholic high school. Our panelists will discuss the priests’ roles, including administrators, chaplains and teachers; interfacing with administration; and practical advice for supporting faculty formation and Catholic identity. A particular invitation will be given to join the newly formed association for high school priests. If you are a priest with a Catholic school, or a school administrator supporting a priest in his engagement with a Catholic school, don’t miss this webinar hosted by Father Peter Stravinskas, president of the Catholic Education Foundation and NCEA President/CEO Lincoln Snyder, with a special greeting from Bishop Thomas Daly, Bishop of the Diocese of Spokane and Chairman of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) Committee of Catholic Education!

Earn Maximum Federal Education Benefits - Federal Funding - On Demand
This is the first of a webinar series on federal funding. Learn how to effectively access all available services and benefits under the federal programs offered in Titles I-A, II-A, III-A and IV-A of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). Get tips for conducting successful consultation procedures and navigating the process. Time will be allotted for questions and answers! (NSBEC Standard 10, Operational Vitality).

Tips for a Successful Discover Catholic Schools Week - On Demand
Discover Catholic Schools Week from November 13-19, 2022 is fast approaching. Join NCEA for tips and tricks to connect with prospective families, donors, educators and other community members during Discover Catholic Schools Week. We will also share our marketing kit which will help you showcase what makes your school the best!

How to Foster a School Community Focused on Emotional Well-Being - On Demand
You and other counselors from across the country will gather for a brief LIVE webinar: How to Foster a School Community Focused on Emotional Well-Being followed by an opportunity to network with others. Want to see more events like this? Let us know. Attend the session and complete the follow-up survey with suggestions for future counseling topics, speakers and events. If your school counselor isn’t on your NCEA Membership Roster, please update it today! Send roster information or become a member by contacting [email protected].

Ensuring Wise Financial Stewardship in Schools - On Demand
Cory Miller and Frank Clement of America's Christian Credit Union will discuss how a combination of wise financial stewardship and forward-looking design in schools can help to deliver results for generations to come.

What Does the Data Say? - On Demand
The NCEA Catholic School Leader Network presents the second webinar in a series on enrollment. Learn what trends in enrollment and parent perceptions mean for marketing and recruiting at your school. Join Annie Smith, VP of Research and Data at NCEA, for a brief presentation followed by questions and answers and the opportunity to network with other Catholic school and system leaders across the country. Registration is complimentary to all NCEA members.

Five Strategies to Boost Enrollment Today - On Demand
The NCEA Catholic School Leader Network presents an opening webinar on enrollment. Learn five strategies you can do today to increase student enrollment at your school or in your diocese, even if the year has started. Join Robin Parrish and Tracy Smith for a brief presentation followed by questions and answers and the opportunity to network with other Catholic school and system leaders across the country. This session is part one of more to come. Registration is complimentary to all NCEA members. Want to see more events like this? Let us know. Attend the session and complete the follow-up survey with suggestions for future enrollment topics, speakers and events.

How to Help Students Deal with Stress and Distress - On Demand
Stress is a common feature of a student's experience; from preparing for exams and transitioning to new school environments, to thinking of larger goals after graduation. In most cases, students are able to cope with their stress but above certain levels, stress can lead to distress, which can significantly impact academic outcomes, social relationships and self-perceptions.

Aside from cursory overviews, there have been few options for educators who want to understand and help students who struggle with distress. It is from these struggles that this webinar was created; to provide detailed, highly accessible and practical solutions that help educators understand why distress occurs, how distress impacts students differently and what educators can do when they observe a student in distress. The webinar will incorporate multimedia and handouts so that educators have tools to use for students after the webinar.

The webinar is designed for educators of all types, including classroom teachers, school-based mental health professionals, and administrators. Sponsored by Terrace Metrics.

Science of Reading: What It Looks and Sounds Like in a Classroom - On Demand
Disruptions brought on by the pandemic have had a negative impact on young readers—with many struggling to meet literacy goals. How can we support early learners and build strong, confident readers in the wake of interrupted learning? This instruction-focused presentation will provide evidence-based tips for supporting early readers, with additional guidance for addressing unfinished learning and helping students get back on track. Sponsored by NWEA.

Equity & Text Complexity: Why It Matters Now More Than Ever! - On Demand
Current research on our literacy crisis suggests educators need to rethink instructional and assessment practices. How should early childhood educators implement equitable practices to close reading gaps? The New Teacher Project (2018) published a study, The Opportunity Myth, in which researchers examined class expectations and student outcomes. The study highlighted the inequity issue and further suggests students need opportunities to successfully engage with complex, grade-level text. Some practitioners argue students will become frustrated trying to read text above their instructional reading level, and research suggests otherwise. Dr. Kulich will discuss the science of reading, data, scaffolding, and evidence-based fluency instruction. Attendees will review national reading data, understand how the science of reading aligns with equitable reading practices, and how to develop reading fluency skills. Sponsored by NWEA.

I Am For You: Leading and Supporting Others Through Understanding, Empathy and Action - On Demand
We all want to surround ourselves with good people. We crave positive, supportive and energetic individuals to speak truth and life into our souls. And with the bulk of our days spent at work, we especially need positive relationships with our co-workers and educator peers. Together we can learn to lead and support each other through understanding, empathy, and action. Let’s be honest, the last two years have been a doozy; we need each other to lean on and help us navigate through the heaviness and everyday challenges life throws at us. Join Friendzy Co-founder Julie Widman and Senior Director Holly Winchell as they discuss how the Apostle Paul and Timothy's relationship can be used as a roadmap for meaningful connection with our co-workers and friends. Sponsored by Friendzy.

Building a Flourishing Catholic School Music Program - On Demand
Of all the items in a parochial school music teacher's job description, the school Mass is often given short shrift, with more attention used for daily lesson plans and concert or musical preparation. In a paradigm shift, presenter Bruce Ludwick offers creative suggestions about how to prioritize the Sacred Liturgy and use it to further your efforts to teach vocal, choral and musical education. The benefits to your music program, your school and the lives of your students are eternal! Sponsored by American Federation Pueri Cantores.

Growing Your Advancement Efforts and Marketing to Boost Enrollment - On Demand
We have been listening and understand that you need many more hours in a day. Especially since the pandemic, principals are stretched like never before, covering classes and many additional duties. OSV is here to help you. Join us for lunch and learn how we can help you facilitate your Annual Fund, Marketing and Enrollment efforts and help build on your foundation of Catholic Identity. We know that there are many details required to make sure an Annual Fund, school marketing and enrollment efforts are successful. We will walk through concrete examples of how we can make this a seamless process for you. Our religion curriculum, Alive in Christ, is designed to help you continue to build a strong Catholic identity in your school. We will share some examples of how this extends beyond the religion classroom. If your school is ready to focus on any or all these areas, OSV is here to help you! Sponsored by OSV.

Building Belonging in the Classroom - On Demand
Belonging is a central message of Christ and key to addressing this mental health crisis many of our students are experiencing. Join Friendzy co-founders Joy Roberts and Julie Widman as they discuss practical tools that will equip educators and students alike in cultivating a sense of belonging, even in the midst of tension, trauma and disagreement. This session is the perfect primer to Friendzy's upcoming professional development session at NCEA 2022 called "Bouncing Back: Resilience through times of Trauma and Stress," which will take place on Wednesday, April 20 at 10:45 CDT in the Magazine Room of the Hilton New Orleans Riverside. Sponsored by Friendzy.

Fostering Lifelong Discipleship in the Classroom by Integrating Stewardship - On Demand
Stewardship is a lifelong journey as we fulfill our call to discipleship. As educators, we strive to instill the foundations of our faith in our children. We want to give them the tools they need to be successful disciples throughout their lives. The concepts of stewardship and discipleship can be awakened in the classroom through curriculum, activities, events, prayer and more. We will focus mainly on what is stewardship, how we can integrate the message more into the classroom and how our school can practice good stewardship through our giving, our actions and our prayer. We will discuss some ideas of how to incorporate other concepts of good stewardship such as stewardship of the environment and community service.

Collecting and Analyzing Data To Increase Enrollment - On Demand
You can never have enough data, but you can have too much (and not know what to do with it). Collecting data is amazing, but how do you use it to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, grow enrollment, forge relationships and help you earn more revenue? In this webinar, we will show you how to collect and narrow the focus of quality data collection with software tools and best practices, giving you the ability to turn that data into tangible actions. Enrollment goals become more achievable by collecting, analyzing, and understanding measurable data including:

  • Prospect Demographics
  • Marketing and Lead Sources
  • Lead to Application
  • Application to Acceptance
  • Conversion and Retention Rates

Using the 12 Touchstones to Renew and Recommit to Teaching - On Demand
March 20, 2022 marks the first day of spring; spring is the season of rebirth and renewal. In this session, teachers will move through an interactive reflection and discussion of the 12 Touchstones of Teaching and recommit to those practices that have an impact on student learning.

Why Behavioral Health Management Is the Key to Unlocking Performance - On Demand
Many strategic decisions are driven by organizational performance data. That’s why the Terrace Metrics behavioral health and wellness system allows you to easily:

  • Measure the behavioral health status of each student or employee over time, not just at the organizational level
  • Identify those who are doing well, struggling and at-risk
  • Deliver individualized risk-reduction interventions and resiliency-building strategies to the people who need them—confidentially and securely
  • Help individuals—and organizations—realize their full potential

The Key to Recovery: Mastering Challenging Reading and Math Skills - On Demand
If learning is a staircase, then all steps are not created equal. In both reading and math, some skills are extraordinarily difficult for students to master, and these “Trip Steps” can cause a stumble in learning. Join this NCEA webinar to gain insight into Trip Steps and their important role in accelerating Catholic students’ learning this year and beyond. You’ll discover:

  • How these essential yet challenging skills were identified
  • Which grade levels have the most Trip Steps for reading and for math
  • How to focus instruction and practice on mastery of these essential skills
  • How identifying and addressing Trip Steps in a rigorous curriculum improves student outcomes
  • How administrators, teachers, and families can use their knowledge of Trip Steps to guide greater student growth

Effective Teacher Coaching for Retention and Growth - On Demand
In this live webinar, Donna Moss of FACTS Education Solutions will explore how teacher coaching can help retain educators at your school. Research shows that teachers who work closely with instructional coaches stay at their schools longer than those who don't. These educator-to-educator partnerships improve a teacher’s skillset, which translates into a positive student impact for today’s multi-dimensional classroom.

Data on the State of Catholic Education: 2021 - 2022 Enrollment - On Demand
A webinar explaining and discussing significant trends in enrollment, schools and staffing, in Catholic schools in advance of publishing United States Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools 2021 – 2022, to be released in March 2022.

Three Types of Reading Practice that Guide Greater Literacy Growth - On Demand
To become skilled, confident readers, students need three distinct types of reading practice: 1) to be read to, 2) to be read with (also known as instructional reading) and 3) to read independently. Attend this webinar to discover the critical role that each type of reading practice plays in Catholic students’ academic success. You’ll also learn:

  • Why you should read to students at every grade level, including high school
  • How reading with students maximizes the impact of instructional reading
  • How to motivate students to read independently, both in and out of school
  • How to guide students to the right texts for each type of practice—and common mistakes to avoid

Seeing as God Sees - On Demand
In this engaging and prayerful retreat, Deacon Halbach uses scripture to outline how God looks at us. Knowing how God sees us helps redefine how we look at ourselves and others. It points to the deepest truth of the human person: that we are beloved children of God, made in his image and likeness. Seeing as God sees helps us to embrace and live this truth throughout our lives, especially in times of darkness and difficulty. Join Deacon Halbach as he prayerfully discerns how to see as God sees. It will surely change your point of view!

Cultivating Diversity and Inclusivity in Youth Choral Programs - On Demand
Engaging with a diverse community requires partnerships, active listening, learning curves, reflection and action. How can we make choir and musical activities appealing and inclusive for students of diverse backgrounds during such formative years, and how do we retain their involvement through elementary, middle and high school? In this webinar, Dr. Marcela Molina discusses how—through creative programming—choir programs can attract students from various backgrounds, along with strategies for recruitment and retention.

Grammar Instruction That Makes a Difference - On Demand
While today’s student often relies on electronic devices with assistance from grammar and spellcheck as they write, it remains important to support them in mastering the conventions of the English language. Writing with purpose and precision and reading complex texts demands understanding the way in which the ordering of words across different sentence types conveys meaning. This session will focus on instructional practices that make a noticeable difference in students’ mastery of the English language. Learn more about the importance of application in making the learning “stick” so students grow and improve as readers and writers.

2022 Day of Giving to Catholic Schools: How to Set Up Your Appeal and Raise Funds for Your School - On Demand
Join this webinar to learn how to effectively set up your Day of Giving appeal page and bring in funds for your school. On Tuesday, February 1, NCEA will be launching the fifth annual Many Gifts One Nation: A Day of Giving to Catholic Schools. This online giving campaign invites people across the country who have been positively impacted by Catholic education to financially donate to Catholic schools. In this short session, FACTS will explain how you can easily customize a free donation page and create a strong fundraising campaign of your own.

Care for Our Common Home: What is Your Laudato Si' Action Plan? - On Demand
The Laudato Si' Action Platform launched on November 14, opening dialogue and commitment toward ecological conversion for not only Catholic schools but seven total sectors of influence. This webinar will invoke inspiration for Catholic schools ready to enroll as Laudato Si' schools, as well as inform participants of the backdrop of this critical moment of climate crisis. Participants will learn important steps toward ecological conversion from a systems mindset and also the practical actions being asked by Pope Francis on the Laudato Si' Action Platform.

Designed to Read: Supporting Foundational Literacy Development in Catholic Schools - On Demand
Reading is the most complex skill we teach to children (Whitman and Goldberg, 2008). But research shows the human brain is designed to read—and that certain instructional strategies and supports are far more effective than others in promoting success for young readers. Join this webinar to explore the latest research on foundational literacy development, including new insights from the Science of Reading:

  • Discover strategies to equitably support foundational literacy growth
  • Explore an empirically validated progression for early literacy acquisition
  • Examine the most challenging early literacy skills that can impact future learning
  • Discover best practices for guiding readers to grade-level proficiency
  • Learn strategies to guide ongoing growth as students progress through every grade level

Partnering with Parents in Math to Support Student Learning - On Demand
Dr. Matthew Beyranevand will share his research and experiences about how to build and support the critical relationship with parents within Catholic Schools. In this webinar, we will:

  • Understand what fuels parents’ anxieties and concern
  • Set parents’ expectations about their children’s math instruction and homework
  • Communicate clearly and productively about students’ mathematical progress, strengths, and needs
  • Run informative and fun family events

Reassessing, Renewing and Rebuilding Youth Choral Programs - On Demand
Because of the pandemic, choir directors and music teachers across the country have seen their programs change radically. What are the opportunities for growth here in the face of these challenges? How do we rebuild choral programs after being dormant for so long, while still navigating through the instability and ups-and-downs of our COVID-19 reality? Join Dr. Richard Robbins as he discusses various modes of delivery and strategies for navigating the road ahead for choir directors. Ideas for rethinking choral concepts and assessment, repertoire and rehearsal, using online tools and community-building will be discussed.

Catholic Education Data Study: Results from the Principal Survey - On Demand
Join Dr. Julie Dallavis as she reviews the results from the National Data Study’s principal survey. Over 500 Catholic school principals from 25 dioceses completed a survey on data systems, practices and challenges during the 2020 - 2021 school year. Attendees will gain a better understanding of educational data practices, data use and data access in Catholic schools. In addition, Dr. Dallavis will discuss the challenges around data that schools face and their aspirations for using data in future.

#iGiveCatholic on #GivingTuesday: Participate with NCEA! - On Demand
NCEA and #iGiveCatholic will hold an informational webinar for schools interested in participating on #GivingTuesday. Webinar information will include school success stories, what you need to know about participation and registration information for schools participating for the first time in 2021 and schools who participated in 2020. This is your time to ask questions and see all the resources available for your school! Once you've registered, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions to join the session. We hope you will consider taking part in #iGiveCatholic, the U.S. Catholic Church’s Giving Day. Mark your calendars! Recruit volunteers! Start your planning now! And join us on August 3!

The School Choice Wave of 2021: Its Impact on Catholic Schools and the Role of School Leaders in Maximizing Enrollment Using School Choice Scholarships - On Demand
This webinar focuses on the growth of school choice scholarship opportunities that will impact Catholic school students across the nation and provide a pathway for increased student enrollment. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the establishment of new programs emerging in their states and expansions that will provide the opportunity to open Catholic school doors to more families. In addition, school personnel will have the opportunity learn best practices for engaging in the marketing, admissions and advocacy processes that allow students and families to use school choice scholarships to attend their schools.

A Vision of Hope: Catholic Schooling in Massachusetts - On Demand
Catholic schools have long been a vital part of America’s K-12 school choice landscape, and COVID-19 has created a resurgence of parent interest. Religiously-affiliated schools of all kinds are expected to continue to flourish following the landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue. Pioneer Institute and NCEA invite you to join them Tuesday, June 8 at 1 PM EDT for a webinar on the Institute's recent book, A Vision of Hope: Catholic Schooling in Massachusetts. They review the successes of the Massachusetts model and offer recommendations to help Catholic schools increase student enrollment.

  • Kathy Mears - Interim President/CEO, NCEA
  • Kendra Espinoza - Lead Plaintiff, Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue
  • Cara Candal - Senior Fellow, Pioneer Institute
  • Jason Bedrick - Director of Policy, EdChoice
  • Emmett McGroarty - Visiting Scholar, Catholic University of America

A Smarter Way for Catholic K-8 Schools to Engage Their Community - On Demand
Catholic schools need more parent engagement, but parents are increasingly busy. School leaders and educators would benefit if they knew how to tap into the skills and talents of the parent community. Parents would engage more if information was readily accessible and aligned with their interests and skills. We think engagement can be fun! Connect faculty, parent leaders, families, and interested parishioners as one community in a fun, easy-to-use app with strong Catholic identity. Know more about your community’s talents, skills and interests, and make your Catholic K-8 community engagement simple, fun and full of heart!

  • Talents, Skills and Interests. Capture your community’s unique talents and interest for volunteering and fundraising needs.
  • Modern Directory and Actions. Digital, centralized community contact information and talent center with advanced action features.
  • Event Creation, Sign-up and Tracking. Most robust, feature-rich, secure, and mobile-ready volunteering app on the market.
  • Catholic Identity and Gamification. Prayer center, catholic saint avatars and an innovative point system and gaming levels to encourage engagement.

Is There an Early Literacy Crisis? How Science and Data Can Help - On Demand
In 2019, the National Center for Education Statistics reported that 65% of fourth-grade students were reading below grade level. Interrupted learning due to COVID-19 has only worsened this crisis in early literacy, especially in historically disadvantaged and marginalized communities. Join early literacy expert Lynne Kulich as she discusses science-backed instructional strategies to help close the reading gap for all students. Learn how assessments like MAP Reading Fluency can help you meet students where they are and inform instruction toward the ultimate goal of reading for meaning and understanding.

Living in the Companionship of Jesus: Accompaniment as a Pathway to Meaningfulness and Joy - On Demand
The "goodness" of the Good News is not only that Jesus is risen, but that he is among us today! Understanding and sharing how God walks with us in our "ordinary lives" is essential to experiencing the transforming power and joy of our Catholic faith. Join us as we hear Deacon Matt Halbach, PhD, describe how Jesus’ relationships with his disciples, in the Gospel, serve as a paradigm for understanding how God accompanies us, and as a pathway for how we can accompany others. As Pope Francis says in the Joy of the Gospel, everyone must learn this "art of accompaniment." Are you ready to let God accompany you? Are you ready to be a Companion?

Using Observation and Benchmark Data to Identify Professional Learning Opportunities that Strengthen Catholic Schools - On Demand
Learn how to use observation and student achievement data to craft professional learning opportunities that increase leadership capacity and drive instructional improvement. We will explore observation norming practices and leadership coaching approaches that build leaders’ capacity to provide teachers with meaningful and action-oriented feedback. Resources shared will include protocols for rubric exploration, structures for norming and peer observations, and sample observer guides.

The Growth Equation—Motivate Math Achievement and Address Learning Loss - On Demand
Research on how COVID-19 disruptions have impacted student learning still indicates a deficit of 2–3 months in math achievement. Join this webinar to gain insight into recent declines in math performance and learn strategies to help students overcome common challenges to ongoing growth. Dr. Gene Kerns will share:

  • Data from the latest How Kids Are Performing report to quantify the decline
  • Steps you can take this spring and summer to get students back on track
  • How to identify math “trip steps”—the most difficult skills—for each grade
  • Research on how adaptive math practice impacts learning loss and achievement
  • Best practices for measuring performance, addressing learning loss and guiding growth

Collecting and Analyzing Systems-Level Observation Data to Improve Leader and Teacher Practice - On Demand
School and diocesan leaders will learn how to build an online data system to collect classroom observation data. Participants will explore approaches to compile the aggregate data into building-level reports school leaders can employ to drive teacher coaching conversations and inform professional learning.

Data Analytics and Visualizations for Schools and Dioceses - On Demand
Incoming data from local and public sources such as surveys, assessments and performance data can be difficult to combine into information that is meaningful for your educators. The LiveBook Data Analytics Platform merges student data sources to create comprehensive analytics and visualizations for Catholic Schools and Dioceses. Create data studies according to in-person, remote and hybrid learning modalities. This empowers educators to pinpoint patterns, differences, ranks, and trends in the data - for evidenced-based solutions in both single- and multi-school environments.

Engaging Families and Building Strong School Communities with Mobile - On Demand
If there’s anything we’ve learned during the course of the pandemic, it’s that instant, digital communication between schools and families is more important than ever. With school policies changing rapidly and information floating around from countless sources, schools must establish one platform to deliver accurate information to families. Join FACTS and panelists from Catholic schools across the nation on how they've utilized FACTS Family App to allow families to receive important school announcements, access grades and assignments, make payments, view calendars, and more – all from their mobile device. In this panel discussion, you'll learn how:

  • Families expect to receive communication from your school in the COVID era
  • To position your school as a technology leader and be more attractive to prospective families
  • Mobile app features help schools achieve communication and tech goals
  • To use federal funding to cover the cost of communication technology

Aligning Your Phonics Instruction to the Science of Reading - On Demand
This session covers the 4 key guideposts of phonics as they relate to the science of reading (including recent brain research) and how to effectively implement the guideposts in foundational skills instruction.

Revolution of the Heart: The Dorothy Day Story - On Demand
Dorothy Day was co-founder (along with Peter Maurin) of the Catholic Worker Movement that began as a newspaper to expose rampant injustices during the Great Depression. It soon expanded to become a network of houses of hospitality to welcome the poor and destitute. Now nearly a century after they began, the number of Catholic Worker houses continues to grow and the newspaper is still speaking truth to power. In this webinar, participants will explore film as a form of Catholic ministry, the process for canonization, and the opportunity to use examples such as Dorothy Day as a witness of Catholic Social Teaching and to examine the complexity of the Communion of Saints. Participants will learn from President and Founder of Journey Films, Martin Doblmeier and theology teacher at Saint Xavier High School, Adam P. Zoeller in this webinar.

Catholic School Data, Post-COVID: Enrollment and School Closure - On Demand
Join NCEA’s Annie Smith and Sr. Dale McDonald for a webinar on its annual report of Catholic elementary and secondary schools, enrollment, and staffing. Learn more about the most important data points on the state of Catholic schools nationwide, tackle misconceptions about the impact of the pandemic on Catholic school enrollment, and next steps for moving forward!

Lessons on Self-Care from a Trauma-Informed Perspective - On Demand
The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is stressful. Fear and anxiety about a disease can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions in adults and children. Join Catholic Charities USA (CCUSA) to raise awareness about symptoms of vicarious trauma in social service staff, teachers and childcare professionals, who are trying to stay resilient during this difficult time. We will address important ways to practice self-care to maintain our health. Our team will advise on how to prevent and deal with stress and how to cope with emotions that will make you, the people you care about and your community stronger.

The Elements of an Ideal Assessment System - On Demand
Assessment plays a critical role in Catholic schools, supporting our shared mission of academic excellence and strong student achievement. But “ideal assessment” goes beyond simply testing. It also provides all stakeholders—including students—with the right information to move learning forward. Join this webinar to explore the elements of an ideal assessment system. Dr. Gene Kerns will share how to use different types of assessment most effectively in your school and diocese, including:

  • Making the best use of formative, interim, and summative data to guide student learning
  • Understanding each stakeholder’s unique data needs
  • Adapting to assessment-related challenges presented by COVID-19
  • Building assessment literacy among educators, students, parents, and your community

Maximizing New COVID Relief Benefit for Catholic Schools - On Demand
Catholic school leaders are invited to join Sr. Dale McDonald (NCEA) and Jennifer Daniels (USCCB) in a discussion of the new US Department of Education guidelines to learn how to maximize benefits under the new Emergency Assistance to Non-Public Schools Program (EANS) with funding earmarked for serving non-public schools.

Equity in Education: Using Growth Data to Improve Student Outcomes - On Demand
Are all methods of school performance measurement created equal? Does measuring achievement alone serve students or schools with differing levels of challenges? Join this webinar led by Dr. John Cronin, senior research fellow at NWEA®, as he shares the results and implications of groundbreaking NWEA research on how poverty impacts school-level achievement and growth. We will share the research study exploring the impact poverty has on school performance and discuss why measuring achievement and growth is key to accurate, equitable results. Dr. Cronin will also address why this research is especially significant in the wake of interrupted learning and remote instruction. What you will learn:

  • The implications of using student achievement and growth to evaluate schools
  • How NWEA identifies high growth for all schools
  • What are the characteristics of high growth for all schools
  • How our COVID recovery tools, including the Growth Goal Explorer and the Data Recovery File, can help

Leadership Transitions That Promoted Outcomes For Struggling Readers - On Demand
As education leaders are transitioning from day to day to attend to staff and students' needs, one administrator looks at existing resources to maximize an untapped opportunity that had a maximum benefit for struggling readers. Anne Dillon, Director for Special Education, Archdiocese of Washington, led the charge to enable students' access and equity in a distance learning environment. You will hear how Anne made swift moves when students needed access to content while learning remotely. Her passion for equipping students to be independent learners will shine through.

Miracle Projects: Students Leading the Gospel Call to Love - On Demand
This webinar will present Miracle Projects, an initiative of Catholic Charities Community Services (Phoenix) which engages local Catholic schools. Miracle Projects leverage students’ strengths and creativity in an entrepreneurial endeavor to teach social responsibility, the prevalence of social injustice, the impact of community reinvestment and the joy of faithful stewardship of God’s graces. To accomplish this: 1) Catholic Charities makes classroom presentation about community justice issues; 2) Students choose one program to support the fight against injustice; 3) Students create an entrepreneurial project to raise resources; 4) Students reinvest their profits to bring about social change. This webinar will be of particular interest to those responsible for parish engagement and also social enterprise.

Addressing Student Learning Loss - On Demand
In Fall 2020, teachers used both formal and informal assessment to determine any academic learning loss that occurred in Spring and Summer of 2020. This classroom and school-wide data has made clear that any gaps in student achievement must be addressed. This webinar will focus on strategies for classroom teachers to address student learning loss through instructional practices in core and targeted instruction.

Why and How Literacy Must Be Reframed - On Demand
Helping students achieve reading proficiency improves overall learning outcomes. Yet too often, reading performance flatlines after grade 4 for students in both public and Catholic schools. Join this webinar to learn how Catholic educators can reverse this trend. Dr. Gene Kerns will share research-based insights from his new book Literacy Reframed, including:

  • Game-changing methods to guide growth for every reader—across all grades and at all levels
  • Proven alternatives to classroom skill work, such as building both proficiency and subject-area knowledge by incorporating reading across the curriculum
  • Strategies for using digital reading as a powerful lever for growth in any learning environment
  • How reigniting the traditional knowledge-rich curriculum in Catholic education supports literacy development

The New Leaders Academy - Introduction and Information Session - On Demand
This webinar will introduce the first session of content for the New Leaders Academy and provide an overview for how the course will work over the 2020-21 school year.

What Happens When 20% of Your Student Population Chooses Online Education for 2020-2021? - On Demand
Online education experts and practitioners will guide you through models of online education and blended learning, providing practical examples and "how-to" information. Focus will be on retaining your own school identity online, creating financial stability, and lessons learned over the last two decades. Panelists will answer your questions live.

NCEA Town Hall with Kathy Mears - On Demand
On Wednesday, August 5 at 6 PM EDT/3 PM PDT, we are holding a Virtual Town Hall to give voice to the 130,000+ Catholic educators who have responded to the recent challenges with grace, resilience, determination and heart. We ask that you join us for this dialogue and discussion as we chart a path forward in a time of great need.

State and Local Level Advocacy for Catholic Schools - On Demand
Now more than ever, Catholic schools are a vital and powerful educational option for kids and families. This webinar will discuss how to foster efforts at the state and local level advocacy for communities to support Catholic schools. Michael Acquilano, the Director of the South Carolina Catholic Conference and Secretary of Communications and Public Affairs for the Diocese of Charleston, will set context on successful outreach on behalf of Catholic schools to state and local governments and provide practical recommendations for action.

Better Together: Collaborating to Support Student Learning - On Demand
Whether your year will start in person, online, or with some mix of the two, providing opportunities for teachers to learn, share, problem solve, and collaborate is key. Jill Annable, Assistant Superintendent for the Diocese of Grand Rapids, will share best practices from the rich collaboration and sharing from the 31 schools in her diocese that led to vibrant student and adult learning during the pandemic, as well as tips and tricks for how to best move forward to support the needs of all student and adult learners!

Choosing the Best Coaching Model for your Teachers and Leaders - On Demand
Is coaching the best way to advance teaching and learning in our schools? In this free NCEA webinar, Dr. Susan Abelein offers a data-driven approach to this question and provides insights from 60 research studies on coaching programs. Drawing from research on the effectiveness of teacher coaching, Dr. Abelein delivers insights on program components, including video-based distance coaching, that allow school leaders to choose the framework that meets the needs of their community.

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