Five Strategies to Boost Enrollment Today - Robin Parrish and Tracy Smith

The NCEA Catholic School Leader Network presents an opening webinar on enrollment. Learn five strategies you can do today to increase student enrollment at your school or in your diocese, even if the year has started. Join Robin Parrish and Tracy Smith of FACTS A&E for a brief presentation followed by questions and answers and the opportunity to network with other Catholic school and system leaders across the country.

What Does the Data Say? - Annie Smith

The NCEA Catholic School Leader Network presents the second webinar in a series on enrollment. Learn what trends in enrollment and parent perceptions mean for marketing and recruiting at your school. Join Annie Smith, VP of Research and Data at NCEA, for a brief presentation followed by questions and answers and the opportunity to network with other Catholic school and system leaders across the country.

Enrollment and Marketing Office of One - Courtney Haindel

This webinar, sponsored by FACTS, was initially broadcast at NCEA 2021. Courtney Haindel will share some tried-and-true techniques for institutions that has individuals on the team that find themselves suddenly in charge of admissions, retention, enrollment, marketing, social media, parent ambassador programs, your school website — and the list goes on and on. But that’s no problem, right? Courtney will give you the know-how to help you maximize results.

Low-Cost Strategies to Increase Enrollment and Retention During a Pandemic - Kurt Nelson, Ph.D.

Responding to the pandemic has stretched budgets thin. The good news is that there are several highly effective strategies for attracting and retaining students and families that don't require financial resources. This presentation, from NCEA 2021, will share proven techniques and an action planning guide to focus and renew your enrollment efforts.

Hosting a Successful, Engaging & Personalized Open House - Keri Kutch

From preparation and promoting, to engaging and training, personalizing and welcoming, touring and highlighting, including thanking, evaluating and following up. This presentation will share proven relationship-building Open House ideas that can be implemented easily with success.

Why are families in Catholic schools leaving? Finances is only part of the equation - Thomas Gasper, Ed.D.

While expense of tuition at Catholic schools is a key factor for families of all income levels, data revealed middle income families were most at risk of leaving. Common pushes away from Catholic schools and perceived pulls of non-Catholic schools will be discussed in this session. Understanding which factors subgroups value will support better differentiated marketing.

Catholic School Admissions Success: The Catholic Academy of Bridgeport - Ted Chmura III and Marie Keith

Learn how the Catholic Academy of Bridgeport achieved admissions growth and created a sustainable long-term plan for improved enrollment. In a challenging time of change and uncertainty, this group of four Catholic elementary schools brought strategic vision, people and technology together to create a better experience for parents and students, while streamlining the admissions process within the schools. Find out how they did it.


Pathways to Enrollment Growth and Retention
Catholic school leaders will see this publication as a valuable window on enrollment growth strategies, covering the necessary components for enrollment and retention success. The book identifies how to create appealing value propositions for prospective families and how to use best practices for promoting retention of existing families/students. The techniques covered in this book will help Catholic schools prioritize highly effective marketing efforts that will yield enrollment growth.

Gather Us In: Admissions, Enrollment and Retention for Catholic Schools
Just as curriculum and instructional strategy need to be adjusted for 21st century learners, so does the admissions strategy. Contains additional tools and resources for all those responsible in building a strong future for the Catholic school.

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