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The success of the mission of the Church in Catholic education depends on effective governance, providing focused leadership and operations to protect the obligations and rights of the Catholic school community.

NCEA is happy to provide books, podcasts, recorded webinars and blogs that help you keep the Catholic in your Catholic school. If you are searching for something else, please reach out to our educational content coordinator, Beth Rucinski, for support.



Governance and Leadership Blog


Education Law and Public Policy

Strategies for Navigating the Political Landscape: The Increasingly Complex Role of the Catholic School Leader - Webinar

School Handbooks: Legal Considerations – Book

National Public Policy Issues and Challenges Facing Education Leaders - Webinar

Legal Issues in Inclusive Education for Exceptional Learners:  In-Person and Virtual - Webinar

Compendium of NCEA Notes "Legal Issues" 25th Anniversary - Book

A Legal Toolbox: What Every Educator Needs to Know Now and Post-Pandemic - Webinar

Excellence Post-Covid: Syncing Gospel Imperatives with Civil Law - Webinar

Individuals with Disabilities Act Guide + Toolkit - Book

Overview of Available Federal Programs - Webinar

State and Local Level Advocacy for Catholic Schools - Webinar

Maximizing New COVID Relief Benefit for Catholic Schools - Webinar

Glossary of Catholic Education Governance Terms Revised Second Edition - Book

Leadership and Staff Development

NCEA Brief: 10 Days to Becoming a Better Educator - Book

Resilient Leadership in a Reactive World: Helping Catholic School Leaders Through Anxious Times - Webinar

Administrator's Survival Guide – Book

Why Your School Should Have an EdTech Coach - Webinar

Engineering Excellence through Iterative Cycles of Improvement - Webinar

Leadership Formation for 21st Century Catholic School Principals - Webinar

Helping Teachers Grow - Webinar

Disaffiliation in Relation to the Characteristics and Dispositions of Evangelizing Catholic School Teachers - Webinar

Where Are We Headed? Determining a PD Direction, Then Selecting and Supporting the Right PD for Your School - Webinar

Using the 12 Touchstones to Renew and Recommit to Teaching - Webinar

Collecting and Analyzing Systems-Level Observation Data to Improve Leader and Teacher Practice - Webinar

Choosing the Best Coaching Model for Your Teachers and Leaders - Webinar

Effective Teacher Coaching for Retention and Growth - Webinar

Building the Builders: Faith Formation in Spirituality - Book

NCEA Brief: A Primer on Handling Challenging Parents: How to Work with Difficult Parents Using Core Catholic Values - Book

Discipline Made Easy: Tips and Techniques for Catholic School Teachers and Catechists – Book

Building a Spiritual Community Among Faculty: Staff Development Processes for Educators in Catholic Schools – Book

School Operations and Policies

Best Practices of National Blue Ribbon Schools: A Collection from Distinguished Catholic Schools – Book

So, You Have a Strategic Plan. Now What? Ten Proven Strategies to Ensure Community Engagement, Ongoing Implementation and Impact - Webinar

Called to Community: Implementing PLCs in Catholic Schools – Book

21 Practices for School Leaders - Webinar

Emerging from COVID Project: Findings from the Diocese of Grand Rapids - Webinar

Orchestrating Conflict in Catholic Schools in 2022 - Webinar

NCEA Brief: A Primer on Bullying Intervention: How to Save a Child in Crisis Using Core Catholic Values as the Catalyst – Book

Leadership Succession Planning in Catholic Education – Book

Laudato Si'

Following the principles of Laudato Si'.


Momentum Magazine

Relevant, timely and important articles and best practices in the realm of Catholic education.


Faith Assessments

Tools to evaluate your religious education programs.