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Sadlier is proud of the long partnership—over 100 years!—with National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA). 

To prepare children for the world of tomorrow, it takes a partner with experience. At Sadlier, we've got 200 years of it. We have made it our priority to help educators teach K–12 students with proven methods that work in countless settings across the country. You can trust that the essentials for academic advancement and faith formation are met. Because when it comes to teaching children important foundations, experience matters.

Catholic Identity 

The importance of Catholic identity is critical in today’s formation in the Catholic faith and the future of the church.

  • With a refreshed updated look and new features for both school and parish, the updated We Believe: Living Your Catholic Identity places a strong emphasis on practical applications of Catholic teachings in daily life. 
  • As part of our commitment to spiritual professional development, a new course has been introduced focused on educators and on understanding and cultivating Catholic identity
  • A specialized professional development course on the Theology of the Body recognizes the need for a comprehensive understanding of the Catholic perspective on dignity, human anthropology, and God’s plan at different stages of life.

Academic Excellence

  • From our legacy programs, Progress in Mathematics and Vocabulary Workshop, to our new and award-winning programs such as From Phonics to Reading by Wiley Blevins, Sadlier continues to support teachers with the best research-based programs to meet the needs of today’s students.
  • Sadlier values education partners and is invested in your success! Our data-informed and classroom-focused Professional Learning sessions—in person, virtual, and on demand—are designed to have a positive impact on the classroom by increasing instructional effectiveness and student achievement.
  • High-Impact Tutoring brings highly trained educators into your classroom to provide personalized, small group, or one-on-one support for struggling students.

Bilingual Faith Formation 

  • Sadlier treasures the diversity of the Catholic community and the importance of the Hispanic culture. Along with our bilingual catechetical programs: Creemos, Cristo en nosotros, and bilingual Sacramental programs, our wealth of bilingual resources encompass not only written materials, but also multimedia content, enabling a more immersive and enriching learning experience for all. 

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