Research and Publications

CHESCS strives to advance the mission of Catholic education through research focused on mission and Catholic identity,  governance and leadership, academic excellence, and operational vitality. Visit the Journal of Catholic Education for access to scholarly journal articles. Members frequently publish articles in NCEA’s Momentum, as well as contribute to the efforts of the AERA Catholic Education Sig 175.

Recent Publications from CHESCS Members

Schuttloffel, M.J., International Explorations of Contemplative Leadership in Catholic Education. (2019). New York, NY: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group.

James, John T., "Catholic School Educators as Adaptive Leaders: A Structure for Prophetic Action in Response to COVID-19." (2020). COVID-19 and Catholic Schools. 4.

Casella, Lauren, “Supporting our Spiritual, Social, and Emotional Growth.” (2020). Momentum.

Nassif, Rosemarie, “Who will we become after the coronavirus? For students, the key is resilience." (2020). America.

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Lenten Resources

Resources that enable educators to guide their students during this season of prayer and penance.


Faith Assessments

Tools to evaluate your religious education programs.