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Archangel Education + Technology, established in 2018 in Arlington, VA, began with a small order of 30 Chromebooks and has since grown to supply hundreds of thousands of Chromebooks and tablets to schools nationwide. Our foundation rests on robust partnerships, offering in-house services like repairs, warranty plans, Chromebook branding, and White Glove enrollment into Google Management. Our recent additions include professional development for teachers in effective classroom tech use.

Focused primarily on education, we extend our philanthropy beyond classrooms, donating thousands of Chromebooks to underserved areas. Guided by co-founders Josh Weinberg and Massimo Miliano, our team is committed to providing quality products and cutting-edge technology for schools.


Archangel Resources

Professional Development Courses

  • Archangel Education + Technology offers a range of professional development courses designed to enhance workplace success. These courses cover various topics including Chromebook basics, Google proficiency at different levels (basic, intermediate and advanced), creating digital assignments, implementing differentiation and reading strategies, integrating technology projects for K-5 education, incorporating STREAM-infused literacy, creating interactive lessons for student engagement and utilizing the SAMR reflection framework. Sign up for our courses here: All Courses - Archangel Education and Technology


  • Embracing the Chaos of STREAM Learning Through Literacy: Who doesn't love a little bit of chaos in life? In this session, participants will discover how to embrace STREAM learning (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, Math) in the PreK-12 classroom and how to use read-aloud books, stories, and sample units to weave literacy into the push for cross-curricular STREAM lessons. Participants will explore texts at various levels and be guided to create similar units.
  • Play-based Learning Strategies: Research shows that children learn best through play. Have you ever thought, “What would people think if they saw my students playing all day?” During this session, Stefanie Horgan and Susan Netko will introduce ways to implement play-based learning strategies using purposeful play and intentional instruction designed to meet the diverse needs of all students. Strategies include center play, small and large group ideas promoting learning across all domains, and unplugged activities that can safely introduce technology to younger students that can be easily integrated into your current classroom practices.
  • Advent-ures with Technology: Seamlessly Integrate Technology into the Advent Season: Join Stefanie Horgan and Kayla Dellinger as they share new and innovative ways for making the Advent season come alive. The use of green screens for writing prompts, hyper-docs, interactive Advent calendars, and STEM activities are just a few of the lesson ideas that will be provided.
  • Using Technology to Protect Our Youth: Using technology to protect our youth in school. School shootings are becoming more and more common. What are some tools that play a huge role in preventing attacks like these from happening? Archangel Education + Technology's Marketing Director, Gabrielle Dawkins, along with a Lenovo Thinkshield Specialist, Gregory Tan, share the latest tools that can be used to help keep students safe while at school. During this webinar, we discuss tips and tools that teachers and administrators can use to stay ahead in the world of ever-changing technology.
  • The Personalization of Learning: Every student is unique; how they synthesize information, apply knowledge and express who they are as learners. The doors and windows to the world become more open and accessible when students are allowed to place a personal stamp on their learning experience. During this session, we will explore ways in which students can become teachers in their own right and explore their interests while still meeting the curriculum requirements. We will discuss how modern technology can be utilized in the classroom to increase accessibility to all types of learners.


  • Archangel Youth Tech Leadership Program: In partnership with the City of Baltimore and Youthworks, Archangel will be offering students in the community the opportunity to get hands-on technical skills. A repurposed warehouse, located in east Baltimore, will be a hub for students to learn more about technology and receive IT certifications. Join Archangel co-founder Josh Weinberg as he discusses the ultimate vision for the Archangel Youth Tech Leadership Program in Baltimore.
  • A Critical Component Necessary for Robust STREAM Learning: Cross-curricular units are becoming ever-more relevant in today’s classroom. With virtual and hybrid learning taking place, keeping students engaged in lessons can be difficult. By intertwining subjects with a common goal, students and teachers will be invested in the learning process. Our goal as educators is to continue to challenge teachers and students to think in new ways and to use new resources. In this podcast we will discuss the benefits of integrating cross-curricular units into your classroom.
  • Technology and Federal Funds with Sr. Dale McDonald and Archangel: Lincoln Snyder is joined by NCEA's Sr. Dale McDonald as well as Josh Weinberg and Massimo Miliano from Archangel Tablets. They discuss a great opportunity for Catholic schools to meet their technology and connectivity needs through a new program from the Federal Communications Commission. Josh and Massimo also share their personal stories in Catholic education that inspire their work today.

Archangel Services Overview

  • White Glove Service: Our White Glove service ensures a seamless deployment of your new Chromebooks within your school. We handle complete setup and device management, so they're ready to use upon arrival.
  • Hosting and Networking: Partnered with Cisco Meraki, our server hosting service empowers clients to store and distribute data and applications online. Our flexible options cater to various technical needs, scalability, and budgets, enabling efficient system and device management.
  • Repair and Warranty: Benefit from our Archangel Accidental Damage Protection plan, safeguarding your classroom devices for up to four years. Our in-house repair team is authorized to service Chromebooks and tablets from Samsung, Lenovo, HP, Acer, Asus, and Microsoft.
  • Financial Services: Lease with Archangel for exclusive advantages:
    • Access to preferred devices
    • Choose from a wide range of Chromebooks, laptops, and tablets
    • Add Archangel In-house services
    • Device customization options
    • Fast shipping and device buyout choices
    • Work directly with us for optimal payment plans
  • Customized Branding: Elevate your institution's brand with our customizable solutions. We offer laser etching for electronic devices and logo/text printing for cases, enhancing brand awareness.
  • Hardware Provider: As a premier EdTech hardware provider, we offer Microsoft, Samsung, HP, Asus, Lenovo, and Acer products. Our commitment lies in delivering top-quality educational technology solutions to schools nationwide.

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