Catholic School Data

The National Catholic Educational Association conducts Catholic education research as well as providing private education resources for a range of audiences. Information contained within these pages include Catholic school data. NCEA published selected results from NCEA's annual survey of Catholic elementary and secondary schools, including enrollment patterns, regional geographic trends, types and locations of schools, student and staffing demographic characteristics, and student participation in selected education programs.

Data Brief and Annual Statistical Report

Data Brief: 2023-2024 Catholic School Enrollment

The data brief synthesizes key findings from the report, offering insights into the evolving landscape of Catholic education and its implications for stakeholders.

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United States Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools 2023-2024: The Annual Statistical Report on Schools, Enrollment, and Staffing

This annual report presents national data on Catholic elementary and secondary schools. Enrollment patterns, regional geographic trends, types and locations of schools, student and staffing demographic characteristics and student participation in selected education programs are reported. Where data permit, the exhibits compare information across the last decade as well as the past five years.

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Professional Development


Dive into Data: Exploring NCEA 2023 - 2024 Catholic School Enrollment - On-Demand
The release of the NCEA Data Brief 2023 - 2024 Catholic School Enrollment has become an anticipated report since the pandemic. Catholic school educators, administrators and leaders alike look for the enrollment trend coverage and what that data might mean for Catholic schools. NCEA takes this information and makes it valuable to you by offering a webinar with NCEA President/CEO Lincoln Snyder. The webinar will: compare data from the last couple of years to present; discuss the challenges being met by Catholic schools; highlight the importance of responding to the surveys for the good of all; use the information to highlight Catholic education and what this data means to your school; and answer your questions.

Stay tuned to this page throughout the year for more professional development opportunities around the 2023 - 2024 data


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