Promote Your Catholic Schools Week Celebration

Catholic Schools Week offers an annual opportunity to engage the community and demonstrate what makes your school stand out. The following tactics can help you encourage participation in your festivities.

Planning Tactics and Ideas

Communicate Your School’s Value

Use your website or Facebook page to draw attention to this year's theme and how it relates to your school. Post A Dozen Reasons to Choose Catholic Schools and an invitation to come see Catholic education in action. Publish a National Catholic Schools Week event schedule in your parish bulletin. Ask families and faculty to invite friends and neighbors to participate in the week’s festivities.


Send a Letter from the Pastor or Principal

Ask your parish priest to mail or include a letter in the bulletin encouraging parishioners to participate in the week’s activities. Send a letter from the principal or president to parents and guardians with details on the celebration.

Spread the Word Through the News Media

Send a news release to newspapers, online media and radio and TV stations. Follow up with reporters who may be interested in covering your events or community outreach efforts. Contribute your own articles, columns or letters to the editors of local media. Write about National Catholic Schools Week for your school blog or other relevant blogs.


Contribute to Diocesan Marketing Efforts

Send your event schedule to the diocesan newspaper and schools office so that it can be included in any special National Catholic Schools Week supplements or on the diocesan website. Highlight any events that a reporter for the diocesan newspaper may wish to cover in person.


Hang a Banner or Posters

Use display art to let everyone who visits your school know that this is a special week to honor Catholic schools. Use the poster in the 2022 - 2023 Marketing Kit or have students make posters expressing the National Catholic Schools Week theme. Ask businesses and community centers to hang a poster in their window or post an announcement on the bulletin board.



Use your school sign to remind everyone who travels by your school that National Catholic Schools Week is coming. Include the date and time of your open house with information on new student registration. Provide families with yard signs advertising National Catholic Schools Week. Arrange for billboards and paid advertising in your community newspaper.


Social Media

Social media helps your online community connect with others and share content online. NCEA provides Twitter and Facebook social media graphics that you can use throughout Catholic Schools Week to help build awareness and support for your school.

Have Questions?

Want to learn more about Catholic Schools Week? Please let us know how we can help you. We can be reached via email.