FRIDAY:  Celebrating Faculty, Staff and Volunteers

Teachers are the backbone of Catholic schools. On this day, schools honor teachers, as well as administrators and staff who support teachers in their important work, and thank the parents, grandparents, alumni, parishioners and school board members who provide volunteer service.

Inspiration and Ideas

  • Invite volunteers to participate in the liturgy when celebrating Mass.
  • Encourage random acts of kindness by distributing buttons or stickers
  • Hang a sign on each classroom door to recognize each teacher personally.
  • Host a breakfast – or offer a traveling “coffee cart” – for teachers.
  • Hold an assembly to recognize teachers and volunteers for their dedication and hard work.
  • Write notes, make posters and decorate treat baskets and deliver them to volunteers and local community businesses as a thank you for their time, talent and treasure.
  • Invite parents and community members to your school to teach students some of the practical life skills.
  • Host a fun teacher versus student trivia contest.
  • Ask for parent volunteers to cover class so that all teachers/staff can enjoy a meal together.
  • Engage the student school association to plan a teacher appreciation celebration.
  • Place an ad in your local paper thanking teachers and volunteers for their work.
  • Recognize teachers, principals and staff on social media for their dedication and hard work.
  • Establish a fund to help teachers pay for professional development events and conferences.