Marketing Your Catholic School

NCEA is pleased to present resources, tools, templates, partnership opportunities and professional learning offerings to Catholic school staff – both in and outside the classrooms! NCEA member schools are asked to include the information for school leads in the areas of advancement, development, marketing, communications and admissions.

School community leaders responsible for school vitality, advancement, enrollment, retention and marketing will receive resources directly related to their work throughout the school year. This includes, but is not limited to, year-round marketing tips and details about relevant professional learning webinars and events, such as NCEA 2024.

Effective marketing is essential to a school's success in today's competitive education environment. What you do to highlight your school’s participation in National Catholic Schools Week is only part of the effort. A school’s success is dependent on a year-round marketing program that builds support for your school and sells its unique benefits.

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Why market your school?

  • Retain current students and  attract and welcome new students;
  • Encourage a sense of pride among staff and attract the best educators;
  • Foster community support to help drive fundraising efforts;
  • Assure that your school will continue to fulfill its mission of providing a faith-filled and academically excellent education to all who come to you.

Building a successful marketing plan will help communicate your strengths, drive enrollment and proclaim the good news of Catholic education.

Have Questions?

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